110 Years Later – A Time For Reflection

The last known Living Combat Veteran from World War 1 (yes… ONE) has just passed away, aged 110! Claude Choules was fighting in World War one in the UK aged just 14. Born at the turn of the century in 1901, he lived through the whole 20th century and the first decade of the 21st! Not only did he fight in WW1, but he fought in WW2 as well. Living through both major wars in modern history, as an active part in it, he hated war and felt it was a waste of resources

What do you think he felt about where the world was going? This is a guy who has lived through it all, seen cigarettes cost 1penny a pack, and seen amazing, motivational leaders… as well as the current crop we call ‘leaders’. He lived with his wife for 76 years until she passed, aged 98! He has seen his Daughter live to 84, and his grandkids the age of my parents. Mr Choules, who was active and dancing past the age of 100, took a creative writing course in his 80’s and wrote his autobiography, aged 108…

It is a life to be remembered, and to use for reflection in our own lives. Take inspiration from this, take understanding and percpective on life from this and most importantly, feel proud that there are people who have come and gone, that fought for what we now take for granted. Please reflect on how lucky we all actually are, to be here, to be free and to be able to communicate with eachother via the power of social media!

Mr. Choules proves that nothing is impossible, and you are never too young (going to war at 14) or too old (writing a book aged 108) to take life by the horns and achieve something special!

Have a wonderful weekend and try to spend it with loved ones. The thing I took out of watching this video is the happiness he seemed to have, despite what must have been a very hard, and at times, very amazing life!

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