Build Empires of ‘Virtual Real Estate’ With WP Easy Content!

One of the quickest ways to grow your online business is through the intelligent use of automation in several aspects of your business. As an online business owner, chances are you own a few websites, and you know that the more content you have on your websites, the better. SEO professionals find it more and more difficult to rank one-page websites high in the search engines, and that’s why many website owners now build a few extra pages on their website…

Well I want to tell you about a WordPress plugin that will allow you to automate the creation of extra pages on your website… This plugin already helps hundreds of savvy online business owners build empires of ‘Virtual Real Estate’ on auto-pilot! The plugin is called WP Easy Content… I tried it myself and must say I’m quite impressed! (Make sure you check out the special deal I have arranged for you! More information at the bottom of this page…)

With WP Easy Content, you can easily import premium content to your WordPress website or blog. This is 100% white hat, and the content is not considered as duplicate content by the search engines. A blog which magically builds itself with premium quality content on complete auto-pilot… To be honest with you, I was skeptical when I first heard about this, but I gave the plugin a try and wow! I’m impressed. I see results, and not only the pages have been indexed in Google, but they also rank on the first page!

Check out this video demonstration created by another user:

>>> Click Here to Watch The Video Demonstration! <<<
(This video is a must-see!)

WP Easy Content

Please note that the video does not demonstrate the latest enhancements, but I encourage you to watch it, so that you can appreciate how powerful WP Easy Content is. When you finish watching the video, click on the link below the video which will take you to the special offer I have arranged with Oz, the creator of WP Easy Content. Scroll down and click the ‘Download Now’ link to access the offer directly.


WP Easy Content

With WP Easy Content, all you need to do is specify 1 to 4 keywords, and then the plugin will automatically…

– Pull an article from a trusted content source… which means you don’t even have to search for content! (The article wil not be seen as duplicate content!)
– Reoptimize the content by adding the specified keywords to the title, header and footer.
– Generating instant content for your website or blog… and making it easy for Google to find and like your content!

WP Easy Content will help get your content indexed and ranked for your keywords in your niche, thanks to what Oz calls ‘FREEMIUM content’! Check out the test site that he set up: Search for ‘LCD Frame’, ‘Puzzle Frame’ or ‘Calendar Frame’ Google and you will see how powerful this plugin is!

Oz is still working hard on this plugin, and has informed me of other enhancements around the corner. They include: multiple media imports (e.g. videos, news, images etc.), import templates to add even more uniqueness, and advanced auto-backlinking to take link building to a whole new level!

WP Easy Content

I highly recommend that you watch the video, however if you want to go directly to the offer page, make sure you go get the plugin through my special link (so you get the special discount I have arranged for you, more than 50% OFF!). WP Easy Content normally costs $199.99 but through my special link you can get it for $97… but if you act fast (in the next 72 hours) you can get another $20 off and grab it for $77 only, so make sure you act now!! Oz offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so there’s absolutely no risk for you!

Only Available for 72 Hours!

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12 responses to “Build Empires of ‘Virtual Real Estate’ With WP Easy Content!”

  1. AndrewM says:

    Great plugin, I think I am going to buy it. Still I have one more thing to ask (I saw one comment on this but I’m not really convinced). The question is: how do you past copyscape and google’s panda (duplicate content). Do you have some sort of a spinner embedded?

    Thanks, Looking forward to your answer


  2. Berry Broderson says:

    As a site owner I believe the material here is reallywonderful. I appreciate it for your efforts. You should keep it up forever! Good Luck.

  3. Hey everyone! 🙂 – So OZ is telling me that they released a version where you can spin the header and the footer. This plugin is awesome for quickly building quality niche sites… When you get wp easy content though, please make sure you follow the plan and build sites the right way. Only get it to post around 2-4 new posts a day in my view 🙂

  4. DavidS says:

    Is this any better then WPRobot? If so, why do you think it is?


  5. Oz says:


    This is Oz – the creator of WPEasyContent.

    We reoptimize the content by adding keyword rich headers and footers. The headers and footers support spinning syntax.

    We also have other features (don’t want to disclose publically) which make the content appear ‘unique’ to Google.

    Our test websites are still ranking high after the Google panda update.

    I hope this answers your questions. 🙂


  6. Oz says:


    This is Oz – the creator of WPEasyContent (WPEC).

    WPEC allows you to reoptimize imported content by adding headers and footers. You can also do Bulk Imports with WPEC. In terms of importing content from Article Directories we have loads more feature compared to WPRobot.

    However, WPRobot has other modules which allow you to import from other sources like vido sites etc. We’ll be adding more content sources to WPEC in the very near future.

    At the end of the day, you have to decide which tool suits your needs best.

    Best regards,


  7. Jason says:

    Wow, this is an amazing product.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Off topic question…what is the name of the plugin you use on your sidebar for social widgets? I like that!

  9. Hey Jeremy,

    It is called: cute profiles and can be found here:

  10. pcanswers says:

    I never imagined an automated blogging program. It is a great idea. Does this add or allow monetizing the entire post?

  11. Yes… You are in charge of the content and the post, you can edit it, you can add call to actions and you can have your ads showing 🙂

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