Personal Update – The Importance of Diet in our Industry!

I love using to write reviews, business advice and industry news… But today I wanted to write a personal note, about working in this industry.

Possible drawbacks of running your own online business:

–       It is Addictive (meaning even though you might not ‘need’ to work 15 hour days, you find you will, because it is fun)

–       You don’t leave your computer chair much, so no fixed eating times

–       You are your own boss, so you have to be self motivated

–       You eat what ever is handy or nice, and you eat at your desk

Short Personal Story:

I travel a fair bit and always get my blood work done in Australia, as I like and trust the system here. (People trust who and what they already know, good to remember for your marketing campaigns) – In 2007 my results were quite good, everything in normal range. I carried extra weight as my lifestyle is lots of meals either out with friends or in front of the computer (takeaways normally) but the blood sugar, cholesterol and live was all fine.

2010 were my next results and WOW, what a change, high cholesterol, liver readings off the charts and a few other ‘highs’ where they shouldn’t have been. I was 97kg (213lbs) and stand 180cm tall (6ft), so well over ‘normal’ range considering I am a computer guy with a fairly low muscle mass.

I decided it was time for a change, and ‘dieted’ aggressively for a couple of months and dropped my weight to 87kg (191lbs) and felt good, so I went back to my old habits, and ended up doing even less exercise than before. The weight came back and now for this year…

2011 – More blood tests, weight was now 96.5kg again (212lbs) but this time I got a shock. I now had high fasting blood sugar levels and needed further blood tests to see if I was diabetic. The results came back negative, I am ‘pre-diabetic’ and have a glucose sensitivity (basically means I don’t digest sugar well and my system is out of whack) so the solution…

I am vegetable juice fasting… 5 veg juices a day and no food. This is day 2. I found out about my high blood sugar just over 2 weeks ago and have already lost 5.7kg (12.5lb). After a 10 day Juice fast, I will eat the right foods until, as well as after I hit my goal weight of 80kg (175lbs)… and here is where you come in:

Vital ingredient to be successful in online business & life:

Your health is your most prized possession, and your functioning mind is your most valuable asset, so here is some short tips to look after it…

  • High Protein intake to control blood sugar and protect muscle mass (the body’s main fat fighting tool)
  • Lots of Vegetables. 80% of Americans DON’T get anywhere near enough veg. Vegetables are the vitamin and nutrient base for your body, this is your medicine. I used to hate veg, now I see it as my friend, and my best advise to you, for a functioning mind (clarity important in business) and a happy body is to increase your veg intake. Either freshly squeeze a juice once or twice each day, or increase your raw veg intake on your plate each meal. The more you eat, the better.
  • Very low carbs… This is filler food, it is a waste of calories. Things like breads, pasta, rice, and even some fruits like orange, banana and pears… Don’t eat these, (or in massive moderation) Instead, eat more protein and more veg.
  • Exercise – This one is Vital… Movement is what our body was built for, it is what our body wants. Even 30 minutes walks each day with a bit of stretching time is enough in most cases if you really don’t want to go to the gym and currently don’t play any sport. Swimming is also one of the best, low intensity, high efficiency activities you can do, so if you have access to a pool, or the sea, use it a few times a week

This is my plan going forward and I will keep you updated occasionally on how it is going. I expect to hit my goal weight before March next year… and then it is about maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

If you are feeling a bit out of shape, or feeling a bit consumed with your business, take some time each day for yourself. Make healthier food choices and take a few walks, where you can think about your next business move 🙂


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4 responses to “Personal Update – The Importance of Diet in our Industry!”

  1. LauLau81 says:

    Well for me, diet is really helpful in every person’s health and we should be aware of it always…

  2. cklinkert says:

    I agree… I am on day 7 now of nothing but veg juice 5 times a day, starting to feel energized! It is going well… 1 week left and then try to eat as many whole foods as possible and avoid as much ‘packaged/processed’ food as I can 😉 @LauLau81

  3. Diet are a subject of the greatest importance in all system of medicine but in naturopathy it are of over significance because most of the treatment consists in cleansing the system through diet. The basic principle of dietetics is that the body has to be ped like an engine, which needs fuel. Food is the fuel for body but just as there various types of engines diseal for the trucks. Aft for the planes and petrol for your scooter the human body and its needs also need special types of food according to its conditions. If you are a robust individual without any constitutional disorders you may take any type of food condition special diets have to be taken.thanx! ~LISA:)

  4. Gemma_Laming says:

    Hey Colin sorry to be late for the party.

    We grew our own food. It was just in the blood (we both came from farming families) and it was just a nice change from office work or whatever. We grew everything. Why? Because it was delightful. It is like being an entrepreneur seeing your business grow – the parallels are almost exact (see my posts on <a href=””></a>).

    DIET: our allotments were still quite new when our kids came along. As tinies they loved seeing things grow and I remember Tom being astonished to see potatoes come out of the ground. Mind you, he was only three. By the time he was six he knew how to plant them himself, and like the rest of the family, enjoyed it.

    <blockquote>We grew to supplement a meagre income, but this also had unintended consequences. The kids liked eating vegetables! They would clear the plate as fast as you like. Why? Because it tasted nice. Which really is the secret to this tale. It wasn’t forced on them, their decision was made for the same reasons that you are in business. Pleasure. </blockquote>

    For anyone with an online business (= sedate lifestyle) growing the stuff to eat has the same quality as seeing a website mature, blossom, bear fruit. The complement is as amazing as it is tasty. You are busy in the garden and inspiration comes to you out of nowhere. Even if you start with window boxes, you will find that growing seeds do things for you that nothing else can.

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