Short, Medium, Long: You Need All Three To Succeed

Much has been said about goals and how they’re important for success. I’m not going to reiterate all that here, but rest assured you need goals if you want to have a shot at success. It’s not impossible to succeed without goals, but it’s damn hard to do, and you’re going to have a hard time replicating those successes when they come.

But you need to think about money and making money, the nitty gritty of internet marketing. Presumably all of us are in the business of making money, but a lot of people new to internet marketing get so wrapped up in learning and setting distant goals that they never get around to making a living. Too many forget about short range and medium range goals.

The reverse is also true, actually; a lot of people start doing small things to make a living and spend so much time doing that that they end up never actually get around to the big long range goals, which are important. If you don’t have the big goals, all you’ll end up doing is treading water.

What you need to do is make sure that you always have short, medium and long range projects running. This ensures that you both have a cash flow to live on or reinvest in your business while making sure that you don’t end up not getting around to tackling the big, money making projects.

If you’re a writer, this might look something like this:

Short – Getting article assignments daily.
Medium – Have at least one ebook that you’re working on.
Long – Set up a membership site that provides new content every week.

These projects should change over time, as your career and your business progress, but you should always try to have at least one short, one medium and one long project going at any time. Do you already have all three short, medium and long range projects? If not, you should definitely start thinking about this… Make sure you also make the difference between goals and dreams: Goals vs. Dreams (highly recommended).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below!

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