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Are you looking for social bookmarking tools? Then you’re on the right page! First, let me tell you a short story… As an internet marketer, I have several revenue streams. I have several membership sites, but I also like to create niche sites, where I promote products and services and earn affiliate commissions. I want my sites to rank very well in search engines, not just Top 10 results but Top 3 results. Social bookmarking is of course part of my promotional plan. I tried a few social bookmarking tools, but wasn’t really happy with any of them. I thus decided to create my own! I’m now glad to announce the official release of, a semi-automated, easy-to-use social bookmarking tool.

Social Bookmarking Tools

As a site owner, social bookmarking is very important for several reasons. First, social bookmarking will help you get your sites and pages indexed by search engines faster. Too many people still wait a few days, if not more, for their sites to get indexed while with social bookmarking they could get indexed in the next hour, if not less. And that’s just for starters…

Then, and most importantly, social bookmarking will help you get your site better search engine rankings. The more people bookmark your pages, the more likely they are to rank well in search engines. However, there’s not much point if you’re the only one to bookmark them… That’s why social bookmarking tools really play a vital role! They will help you get more bookmarks. Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg and Delicious are huge sites crawled by Google and other search engines every single day.

Finally, this will help you get extra direct traffic from the social bookmarking sites themselves. The more people bookmark your pages, the more chances they have to get picked and added to the top of the feed or most popular links section. And that’s of course on top of all the traffic your site will be receiving from search engines!

The main issue with social bookmarking tools is that most of them are fully automated, which means that the bookmarks come from the same social bookmarking accounts, the same IP addresses… Most social bookmarking sites and search engines know about all these tricks, and that’s why I prefer to rely on human-based social bookmarking tools, like!

This is a story, not a sales pitch, but let me tell you a little more about ViralBookmarking. I spent more than $7,000 in research and development for this social bookmarking tool. What I wanted was an easy-to-use social bookmarking tool to get my sites bookmarked by people all around the world… and that’s what I got!

Social Bookmarking Tools

ViralBookmarking is not like other social bookmarking tools. With ViralBookmarking, you create projects for your sites, allocate a number of credits to be spent and submit it to the system. You can choose several titles, descriptions and tags for all your projects so they are not the exact same. You can either earn credits, or buy credits. To earn credits you can bookmark other people’s webpages. One credit spent equals 30 bookmarks. This means that for every single credit you spend, one person will bookmark your page on 30 different social bookmarking sites.

The alpha version of ViralBookmarking only supported 7 social bookmarking sites. The latest version supports 30, including of course Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Mister Wong, etc. When everything is set up, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to complete a bookmarking session. With one click, you can bookmark a page on 25 social bookmarking site! How awesome is that! I’m really proud of my development team on that one… It’s a real time-saver.

With the Viral Booster for Twitter, you will be able to submit a message (with your link) that other members will tweet to earn a 20% credit bonus. ViralBookmarking also has a referral program. You earn commissions in cash, but also in credits: up to 50% in cash and up to 30% in credits. There is also a range of promotional tools that you can use to promote the site without too much effort.

I have worked very closely with my team for the development and launch of this project, and I really hope you give the system a try because it’s really worth it! I had great feedback so far! My team uses every single day of the week to promote my sites, and I’m very happy about the results! Make sure you check out the video (below)!

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4 responses to “ViralBookmarking – New Social Bookmarking Exchange Service”

  1. harish says:

    thanks for this

    quite useful

  2. Andy Eaton says:

    this is a great site, I have been a member for a while my only downside is that the credits take ages to deplete. Just wanted to know if you are activly promoting it and maybe a forum would be good to get peoples ideas flowing.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the comments, glad you like the site. We are actually considering ourselves in Prelaunch still. We haver a 2 page document of changes/additions/improvements we want our programmers to work on.

    As soon as that is done (less than a month I suspect) we will do a launch and spend a lot of time and money on getting members into the system. If you have any other feedback, please let us know via the ‘support’ tab in the site so we can work on improving it

  4. This is such a useful tool, I cannot wait to lay my hands on a sample of it.

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