ViralNetworks Has Relaunched!

About 3 years ago I started to work on a project that I became passionate about: ViralNetworks – a social networking platform for online business owners and marketers… and I finally got what I wanted! My business partners Tycho and Michiel and I launched the first version of this business social network about 2 years ago, but we’ve just released a new, improved version (with a new design, new features, feature enhancements and other improvements).

Building and scaling a social network from scratch is hard, no borrowed code or script besides WordPress and ViralInviter! More than 200,000 lines of code in total! The new version of ViralNetworks was in public beta for about two weeks, so you might have already seen it! If not, make sure you take a look at it and sign up now!

Business Social Network
for Internet Marketers

I like to describe ViralNetworks as a content distribution platform, but it’s actually much more than that… it’s a place to meet and network with joint venture partners and get social with your customers, providing them with a Web 2.0 experience. ViralNetworks is a business social network where you can socialize, share, promote, advertise, earn and learn, all in one place!

I cannot cover all the great features and benefits you get by joining the site in a single blog post… but let me briefly mention the main ones: not only you can network with other online business owners and marketers like you, but you can also build a list and email it every 5 days, upload photos and videos, submit articles and wikis, discuss various topics on the forums… and much more! You actually get rewarded for submitting top quality content to the site!

ViralNetworks is free to join but the real power of this social business network is in the upgraded memberships. For example as a Gold or Platinum you can contact 3,000 random members every 3 days! 6,000 as an Elite member! Imagine how many leads and sales you could make by sending your offers to so many members every few days… and that’s just one upgraded feature. There are plenty more!

Among the new features you will find networks for site owners so they can better interact with their customers, an article directory (with dofollow backlinks allowed), an achievements and trophies system to build a reputation online, an events calendar, an upgraded members only forum… The site is also now even more search engine-friendly than before! Create and fill in your profile today, and you will be likely to see the page ranking in Google for your name!

I urge you to join now and start changing the way you do business online!

Click here to join ViralNetworks
& start changing the way you do business online!

To Your Success in Business & Life

Colin Klinkert
Colin Klinkert
Colin Klinkert
ViralBookmarking – New Social Bookmarking Exchange Service

Are you looking for social bookmarking tools? Then you’re on the right page! First, let me tell you a short story… As an internet marketer, I have several revenue streams. I have several membership sites, but I also like to create niche sites, where I promote products and services and earn affiliate commissions. I want my sites to rank very well in search engines, not just Top 10 results but Top 3 results. Social bookmarking is of course part of my promotional plan. I tried a few social bookmarking tools, but wasn’t really happy with any of them. I thus decided to create my own! I’m now glad to announce the official release of, a semi-automated, easy-to-use social bookmarking tool.

Social Bookmarking Tools

As a site owner, social bookmarking is very important for several reasons. First, social bookmarking will help you get your sites and pages indexed by search engines faster. Too many people still wait a few days, if not more, for their sites to get indexed while with social bookmarking they could get indexed in the next hour, if not less. And that’s just for starters…

Then, and most importantly, social bookmarking will help you get your site better search engine rankings. The more people bookmark your pages, the more likely they are to rank well in search engines. However, there’s not much point if you’re the only one to bookmark them… That’s why social bookmarking tools really play a vital role! They will help you get more bookmarks. Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg and Delicious are huge sites crawled by Google and other search engines every single day.

Finally, this will help you get extra direct traffic from the social bookmarking sites themselves. The more people bookmark your pages, the more chances they have to get picked and added to the top of the feed or most popular links section. And that’s of course on top of all the traffic your site will be receiving from search engines!

The main issue with social bookmarking tools is that most of them are fully automated, which means that the bookmarks come from the same social bookmarking accounts, the same IP addresses… Most social bookmarking sites and search engines know about all these tricks, and that’s why I prefer to rely on human-based social bookmarking tools, like!

This is a story, not a sales pitch, but let me tell you a little more about ViralBookmarking. I spent more than $7,000 in research and development for this social bookmarking tool. What I wanted was an easy-to-use social bookmarking tool to get my sites bookmarked by people all around the world… and that’s what I got!

Social Bookmarking Tools

ViralBookmarking is not like other social bookmarking tools. With ViralBookmarking, you create projects for your sites, allocate a number of credits to be spent and submit it to the system. You can choose several titles, descriptions and tags for all your projects so they are not the exact same. You can either earn credits, or buy credits. To earn credits you can bookmark other people’s webpages. One credit spent equals 30 bookmarks. This means that for every single credit you spend, one person will bookmark your page on 30 different social bookmarking sites.

The alpha version of ViralBookmarking only supported 7 social bookmarking sites. The latest version supports 30, including of course Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Mister Wong, etc. When everything is set up, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to complete a bookmarking session. With one click, you can bookmark a page on 25 social bookmarking site! How awesome is that! I’m really proud of my development team on that one… It’s a real time-saver.

With the Viral Booster for Twitter, you will be able to submit a message (with your link) that other members will tweet to earn a 20% credit bonus. ViralBookmarking also has a referral program. You earn commissions in cash, but also in credits: up to 50% in cash and up to 30% in credits. There is also a range of promotional tools that you can use to promote the site without too much effort.

I have worked very closely with my team for the development and launch of this project, and I really hope you give the system a try because it’s really worth it! I had great feedback so far! My team uses every single day of the week to promote my sites, and I’m very happy about the results! Make sure you check out the video (below)!

>>> Join ViralBookmarking NOW! <<<

Colin Klinkert
Reply2Colin: New Design for Better Usability!

This week I’m proud to release the revamped version of my help desk! I indeed just got it redesigned to make it look nicer and most importantly improve usability. Check it out now: I hope you like it! Thankfully this new design should help you get in touch with my team and myself more easily. It is now a little easier to find more information on my products and select the appropriate category before submitting a ticket.

As a reminder, you may contact my team for ViralHosts general and technical support, ViralNetworks general and technical support and general and technical support. If you have questions about my own blog (to report bugs and errors, to advertise on it, etc.) or want to send me a joint venture offer, feel free to do so! My team or myself will respond to you as soon as possible.

When submitting a ticket, make sure you select the appropriate category so your ticket doesn’t get lost and we can respond to you as quickly as possible. The knowledge base and trouble shooter are pretty empty at the time I write this blog post but will be filled with lots of useful information very soon. Thanks for your patience!

For ViralUrl support and ViralFollowers support, please submit a ticket to my business partner Frank Bauer’s help desk at Thanks for your understanding.

New Design for

Feel free to comment this blog post. I’d love to hear what you think of this new design!

ViralUrl Now Integrated Into TweetGlide!

You’ve certainly heard of Mike Filsaime’s TweetGlide already. It was launched a few months ago and has rapidly become one of the most used Twitter apps in the internet marketing and home business industry. Well, soon after launch we got Mike and his team to add ViralUrl to the list of URL shorteners that the application provides.

For those who don’t know what TweetGlide is, here is a short introduction: Designed in a similar fashion to the popular TweetDeck, TweetGlide is a Twitter desktop app that makes tweeting even easier and brings more advanced features (like sponsored tweets) to make the most of this very powerful social networking and micro blogging platform. TweetGlide is currently available on PC, Mac and soon on iPhone.

To shorten your links on TweetGlide with ViralUrl, you simply have to select ViralUrl in the drop-down menu on the TweetGlide dashboard, enter your ViralUrl username and password and… that’s it! The links you tweet will automatically be shortened with ViralUrl. If you can’t find ViralUrl in the list, you may want to update your version of TweetGlide.

This is truly a great addition as it will help you build your downline with no effort from your part. As a reminder, your ViralUrl affiliate link shows up on the landing page of every shortened link you may create with the system. You also get a greater chance to earn commissions but that’s just another of the advantages of using ViralUrl with TweetGlide.

If you aren’t using any of these tools yet, you may join ViralUrl and download TweetGlide now. Both tools are free to use so make sure you give them a try before you realize what you’re missing out on!

Misleading Subject Lines Are Bad Marketing

In the internet marketing industry, getting people’s attention is vital. Period. Even if you’ve just created the best product ever but can’t get people’s attention, you’re unlikely to succeed. However, getting people’s attention shouldn’t be your only goal. You certainly want to go further than that. You need to get the word about your products or services, build yourself a list of subscribers… and make money. Misleading subject lines are still far too common to get people’s attention and are clearly bad marketing. If you aren’t sure what we’re talking about, here are some examples:

– “Congratulations, You’ve Just Made A Commission!”
– “Your Affiliate Commissions”
– “You Owe Us Money!”
– “Your Credit Card Has Expired”

We strongly recommend to avoid using any type of misleading subject lines in the emails you send (to your own list or somebody else’s list). These subject lines can badly hurt your reputation and can be very damageable for your business. If you start communicating with someone with a lie, there is a very good chance this person won’t trust you for anything. The notion of trust is very important in our industry but too many just forget about it. So yes, you will get people’s attention with misleading subject lines, but what happens next is very unlikely to be favorable to you and your business.

Why would you use these subject lines anyway? Is the product you’re promoting so bad that you can’t find a proper subject line to get people’s attention? A few internet marketing gurus seem to provide email copies with misleading subject lines to their subscribers. Well, let’s be honest here: we believe they should rethink their recommendations… You’re in a better place than anyone else to know what you should and shouldn’t do for your business. You don’t necessarily have to do everything they tell you! How about you think about what they say before just doing it?

Our policy on misleading subject lines

As a reminder, misleading subject lines are strictly prohibited on ViralUrl, ViralNetworks and ViralHosts. If we receive a complaint and have the proof that a member has used a misleading subject line, we send one (and only one) warning to the sender. The next step is a suspension for an undetermined period of time. These misleading subject lines damage both their reputation and our own reputation and this is simply not acceptable.

The path to success won’t begin with a lie. Simply avoid any type of misleading subject line!

Viral Marketing Webinar for MLSP Members and Guests

Today I’m glad to announce that I will be participating in this week’s MLM Lead System Pro Webinar. I will be joining top internet marketers Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer and the rest of their team for what I’m sure will be a great occasion for you to learn more about viral marketing as well as how to make the most of ViralUrl and ViralHosts.

$0.10 Per Lead, Host Your WordPress Blogs + Additional Income Stream?

Wednesday, November 11th!

6:30PM Eastern
5:30PM Central
4:30PM Mountain
3:30PM Pacific

Time Converter

I strongly recommend you to attend this webinar. If you can’t make it, don’t worry too much, it’s going to be recorded. If you haven’t heard about MLM Lead System Pro yet (which is very doubtful – this attraction marketing system is a real hit!), make sure you check it out. It’s a must-have! Period.

We’re really glad the guys at MLM Lead System Pro agree with us on the importance of having a site or blog for anyone who wants to make money online. That’s why Frank, Tycho (my business partners) and I have created ViralHosts, an all-in-one web hosting, traffic generation, list building and mailing system. ViralHosts is ideal for internet marketers and alike because it provides them with highly important, tangible requirements to their success.

I hope you can make it! Make sure you register before it sells out!

Update: The webinar video is now available!

9 Reasons to Join ViralHosts

A few days ago we asked some of our most active ViralHosts members why they find the system so valuable. It’s always good to know what actual members think of its strengths and benefits. For those who don’t know what ViralHosts is, we define it as an all-in-one web hosting, traffic generation, list building and mailing system targeted at internet marketers and alike. Here is a compilation of the answers we got:

1 ) ViralHosts is free to join. Even if the real value of the system is in the upgraded memberships, being able to try the system before you purchase is definitely a plus. Even if you miss out on the one-time offer, you can upgrade very easily inside the member area. All memberships are great value.

2 ) ViralHosts provides marketer-friendly, reliable web hosting to anyone who joins. Hosting is a highly important, tangible requirement to anyone’s online success. If you want to be successful on the web, you must have a website. This is non-negotiable! Do you know any internet marketer who hasn’t got a website or a blog?

3 ) The hosting section is based on cPanel, which is one of the most popular hosting panels in the world. The support is great and as an upgraded member you also have access to an auto-installer system for WordPress and lots of other scripts as well as not one but two website builders with more than 900 templates. With ViralHosts, setting up a website or blog is just a matter of minutes!

4 ) By referring other members you not only have the opportunity to make some cash but also build a downline from 5 to 7 levels deep and email it every 5 to 7 days. The money is in the list, they say… Well, here is a great opportunity to build your own list almost on auto-pilot and increase your online income.

5 ) You earn cash when your referrals decide to upgrade. ViralHosts has a high commission structure that allows you to earn recurring commissions and make some extra cash. The system also pays you from 5 to 20 cents per thousand page views on your website or blog and from 5 to 20 cents per thousand from all your referrals.

6 ) If you are an upgraded member, you can email from 3,000 to 6,000 random members every 3 days! That’s 30,000 to 60,000 emails sent per month! Keep in mind that most ViralHosts members are internet marketers and alike so think of all the qualified leads you could have! You can be in profit with only one sale.

7 ) You can generate traffic to your website or blog with the text and banner ads. You simply have to purchase credits and design your ads. There are lots of different ways to generate traffic with ViralHosts… and it’s cheap and super easy! ViralHosts has the potential to become your ultimate traffic generation tool.

8 ) Even if you already have a website or a blog, the web hosting section remains valuable because you can easily get quality backlinks. You know how important inbound links are to search engines. They will help your website or blog rank better in search engines and build a strong, durable online presence.

9 ) The overall value of the system is far worth the price, especially if you get your hands on the one-time offer. For only $197 per year you get quality web hosting, a traffic generation tool, a downline builder and most importantly a system mailer that allows you to send 30,000 emails per month! That’s 53 cents per day, and you can send 360,000 emails in a year (plus all the people in your downline)!

As you can see, and we’re glad to have this feedback from our members, ViralHosts is truly a powerful web service. As an internet marketer, affiliate manager or network marketer, you must be nuts to miss out on this system! If you haven’t joined yet, register now and take full advantages of all the features and benefits.

Can you think of any other strength or benefit?

Celebrating ViralURL’s 2nd Anniversary!

This week we’re celebrating ViralURL‘s 2nd Anniversary. Our new special offer can help you achieve a great conversion rate so we don’t want you to miss out on a great opportunity to promote the system!

ViralURL has more than 60,000 active members and is still growing thanks to the support of its members!  These are fantastic results and we want to celebrate this with an amazing special offer that you and your referrals will never see again.

You can save $70 on your annual Elite Membership upgrade for the next 48 hours only (until the end of October 27th)! This is truly a win-win situation. You get the commissions and your referrals get a unique opportunity to become Elite members at a discounted price.

This offers will only last 48 hours, so make sure you act fast.  It’s even certainly less by the time you read this blog post… Simply mail your list or publish a blog post yourself about this offer and get a chance to make some cash fast.  No doubt you’ll achieve a higher conversion rate with that offer.

Let your contacts grab our great one-time offer for the Gold Membership and help them get their way to the discounted Elite Membership upgrade.  They will simply never be able to upgrade to the most complete version of ViralURL at such a low price again. Don’t forget that you can find a wide range of promotional tools within the member area.  Simply log into the system and click the ‘Promotion Section’ link: text ads, banner ads, email copies…

As if being an Elite member was not already awesome, we’re offering 10,000 text ads credits and 10,000 banner ads credits to ALL Elite members.  If you are an Elite member, simply log into the system and click the ‘Ad Credit Section’ link.  From there you’ll be able to claim the credits by entering the coupon code you have or will receive by email.

Thanks for using and promoting ViralURL. If you’re not a member yet, make sure you join now so you can grab the most complete membership for a very good price!

ViralHosts switches to cPanel!

Did you give ViralHosts a try? For those who have, we hope you are making the most of this new all-in-one web hosting, list builder and mailer system.

You may have experienced a few issues with the hosting section the last few days. Rather than just fixing the glitches, our Server Technician Tycho Luyben changed the hosting panel to a cPanel based system. Genius!

This is great news because cPanel is much more advanced and has many more features than the previous hosting panel, which means better usability, functionality and support. Before we continue with the great news, we have some important housekeeping details for you that come with this improvement…

1. You will still get access to the old system hosting panel for a few more weeks, so you can access emails you still might have received there.

2. Your files, databases, sub-domains and domains have already been transferred, so nothing to worry about in this regard.

3. Your old FTP & email accounts will not be automatically transferred, please simply setup new ones in the new cPanel.

cPanel has so many features, we don’t even know where to start. First, cPanel allows us to provide you with better support, because of the Getting Started Wizard and the instructional videos integrated in almost each section. You will be able to find lots of help pages too.

Other new features include: mailing lists, auto-installers for WordPress and many other scripts, wizards and so much more! Just take a a look at this HUGE dashboard:


cPanel is the most used hosting panel in the world. We’re still wondering how they’ve been able to include so many features in a single system… and that’s all yours with ViralHosts! There are some features that are still switched off, and we’re ready to customize some on demand so it’s even going to get bigger and bigger!

The hosting is now more stable too. The hardware used for this new cPanel server is much more powerful, you will surely appreciate the speed and flexibility. No doubt about that!

Make sure you log in as soon as you can to check it out! ViralHosts has now nothing to envy to its competitors, not even the big ones! We’re so excited about this and we’re sure you can’t wait to tell your friends! It is time to promote ViralHosts big time again!

Did you know upgraded members (any level starting at Silver) can install WordPress in any directory with the simple click of the mouse? No joke! If you want this and many other advanced hosting features please login to your account, and click the last menu link: “Upgrade Section”.

In that section you can see the different upgrades and great features they offer. Click here to login your account! Upgraded members also get access to 340 simple point and click templates to get your site(s) rocking and rolling in no time, so if this sounds good to you, check out the upgrade section.

Please send us your feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our help desk! Make sure you choose the right category when submitting your ticket so we can answer it in the quickest time possible.

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Colin Klinkert, Frank Bauer & Tycho Luyben
Co-Founders of ViralHosts DOT com

P.S. – Are you a member of our other list builder service that the industry is raving about? If not, please click here to check it out!

How To Get Quality Inbound Links To Your Site

With HubPages, Squidoo, Tumblr, Posterous… and ViralHosts!

Inbounds links are useful for two main reasons: they can generate additional traffic to your website and, most importantly, influence search engines in the ranking of your pages. There are plenty of ways to get inbound links to your website. One of them is becoming increasingly popular: through user generated content websites and micro blogging platforms.


HubPages is certainly the most popular user generated content website. It has been designed around sharing advertising revenue for high quality, user generated content. Some of the pages – all built by web users – are very popular and generate a significant amount of traffic. Just so you know, some people are making heaps of money with these kinds of websites. I’m not explaining you how to make money with them though, but how to get more quality inbound to your website. Anyway, HubPages is the first website you want to look at.


Squidoo was founded about a year before HubPages and is also very popular. It doesn’t generate as much traffic as HubPages but is still a big player. Squidoo was designed to help web users easily find useful overview pages – called lenses – written by real people. With Squidoo, you have the option to give your earnings to charity, which is a good thing if you’re not really interested in monetizing your page.


Tumblr is a micro blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos and other types of content to their micro blog. Tumblr is popular for its customizability and ease of use. This is not the ultimate blogging platform, but if you’re not too familiar with blogging, or just want a simple but effective blog, then you should consider Tumblr. Signing up on Tumblr only takes a few seconds, and everything has been done to make you publish your content in the most simple way possible.


Posterous is another micro blogging platform but is slightly different from Tumblr. With Posterous, you can publish blog posts by simply emailing your content to a dedicated email address. If you’re confused about blogging, well this might be the best option. I just cannot think of a more simple way to publish content. You email your content and… that’s it. Your blog has been created. You don’t even need to log into the system to publish your content. You can do so though, if you really want to, to edit your existing blog posts for example… It is not as big as Tumblr but I really like the concept. Give it a try, it is definitely worth it.


ViralHosts is also a great way to get more quality inbound links to your site. This all-in-one cPanel hosting, list builder and mailer system allows you to host and build a site in no time. With ViralHosts, you can link to your main site, squeeze pages or any other pages you want. You know how much value search engines give to inbound links… ViralHosts is your chance to get quality ones! To be honest with you, I just can’t stop finding new benefits to using ViralHosts, so make sure you join free today and see how this system can help you build a strong online presence!

Otherwise, you may want to look at alternatives like Google’s Knol, SpongeFish or LaunchTags. Browse around and choose the ones you like. If you’re really after inbound links, then create a page on each of these websites. Keep in mind that not all will allow you to post links without a rel=nofollow attribute (which basically remove the value of the link for search engines), or only allow you to do so once your page is considered as a high quality page. Focus on quality and don’t insert too many links, one or two (to different landing pages) are usually enough. There is no use linking twice to the same address on the same page.