What is a Blog?

What is a Blog?

This is a very basic introduction into ‘what is a blog’, the purpose of this post is to explain what is a blog to people reading blogs for the first time, or hear people talking about blogs, know what a blog is. Soon I will create a post on ‘how to make a blog’, but don’t worry, this is the most basic the content on this site will get.

you can either read the post: ‘what is a blog?’ below, or you can download the PDF by clicking HERE. Feel free to use it on your sites if you want to.

A blog is a weB LOG, therefore, BLOG.

A blog is a way to keep a journal in the form of a website.  A great and simple way to manage and publish your content with a platform. You can choose the style, write about your interests,  hobbies, even sell products.  You don’t need to know html, or any other type of computer language to create a blog.  You just need a computer and know how to type.

A blog can be whatever you want it to be.  It can be a place where you share and collect thoughts, as well as put them in an organized manner.  We all want to be heard, and there are times when you REALLY want to be heard.  This is a time to get on your blog and say what’s on your mind.  You have a way to publish your thoughts and opinions and put it out to the world.

A blog can include web links, affiliate products, adsense, which are great for creating income with your blog.  There are millions of people who make a lot of money just from their blogs, and there is no reason why you can’t do this too.

Blogs can be focused on your personal interests, hobbies, maybe you have been traveling and want to create a photo-blog.  A blog can be anything from news to gossip to politics.  Whatever the topic, it is available for public review.

What is a blog comprised of?   There are several features in a blog including;

* content; your thoughts, opinions, ideas, complaints, grievances, proud moments, celebrations, and so much more.
* archives of information
* comments
* photos
* videos
* pod-casts

The great thing about a blog is the archive feature.  A website does not have a way to store and access archived information, where a blog can go way back since the beginning of its creation.  Your blog is open to others, anyone can subscribe to your blog and they will know when you add new content to read.  You no longer need to feel like you aren’t heard, you can express yourself as much as you want, and say what you want.

What is a blog?  A way to be heard and make yourself known.  Anyone can be a published writer now, so go ahead, join us.  You think it may be too difficult?  It is simple to write a blog.  A blog is simply an email that you are sending out to the world.  If you can write an email, then you can write a blog.  It is so simple that you can post on your blog within a few minutes, you can add pictures of your family, or your vacation.  You are producing a journal that can be read and seen all over the web.

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15 responses to “What is a Blog?”

  1. Chetan says:

    Hey Colin.. Great post..

    You explained things pretty well.. but the suggestion is that you should either give a free e-book and not include the content in your post, or there is no value of giving the free e-book to your readers.

    You should have included different versions of blog, like Vlog = Video Blog etc.

  2. Yep thats True. To everyone reading this, a Blog is a weblog but then you also get Vlog, for Video log and so-forth.

    I was going to make a video for this using the powerpoint slides, but decided not to bother as its quite self explanatory.

  3. [nich] says:

    well, after reading your other blog (viralking) and this posting.. I see a reason why an internet marketer can start “directly” as internet marketer, without any need to become “just” a blogger in the first place.

    bloging is about speaking up *about anything* while internet marketer aims at certain niche and market, am I right?

  4. Chetan says:

    You are right 🙂

    Marketing, the term directly says that you are going to promote a particular product in a particular niche, but blogging is not limited until you are marketing through a blog. General blogging has no boundaries.

  5. Yep right… One of the reasons Im using Colinklinkert.com is so that I can blog about basically anything. But I have still set general parameters for what I plan on blogging about

  6. Chetan says:

    Having both marketing and personal topics in the same blog won’t help you much.
    As you said, setting general parameters is a good idea, where you should be actually knowing what type of posts would be liked by your readers.

    Writing tutorials each day, and suddenly jumping off to a personal type of post would disturb the readers.

  7. retro says:

    yeah youre right “blogging is about share everything” every niche, every aspect

    thanks nich

    now i know why internet marketer is different from a normal blogger

  8. retro says:

    I thought not problem if doing personal post sharing sometime.but don’t too much personal post than your blog topic. i think is good idea your set your general parameters

  9. Chetan says:

    Could not get your point about “but don’t too much personal post than your blog topic.”

    Could you explain that?

  10. retro says:

    i mean its , its okay maybe sometime we post out of topic of our niche. another topic than our main topic.

    are im out topic too? 🙂

  11. Karen Giardunio says:

    Learning lots here… it is amazing how much your realize you don’t know until you learn about another piece of the puzzle. I am walking away today… enlightened, informed and excited too!

    Thanks Everyone!

    Karen Giardunio

  12. Karen Giardunio says:

    I have started using adsense to my blogger. com site… Colin do you agree with that side of income -or do you have hesitations… if so tell me why or why not!


    P.S to learn how to do it from within the blogger site… youtube and search how to ad adsense to your blogger site!

  13. Karen Giardunio says:

    Didn’t know a lot on the keywords side of things for adwords until I watched a step by step tutorial video in my back office for the program I promote. I can’t wait to see if the adsense side of things from my blog brings in income that I can then reinvest into adwords. The guy who does the video worked for Google so he shows all the tricks and advantage forms of doing the PPC side of Marketing!

    But Colin -I got so much form this blog too so thank you!

  14. Karen Giardunio says:

    Love the simple explanation of things form your blogs Colin… as always thanks!

  15. SEO Assistant Krishna says:

    It looks cool dude…
    weB LOG is absolutely impressive and easy to understad.
    Looks like a simple basic blog info which is really informatiove.
    Thanks for sharing …..
    …and I would appreciate if you provide much more.

    Ravi Krishna

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