What To Expect From Me…

I am now a blogger!

Here is a short (1 min 18 secs) Introduction video

And the notes I used to make my first real video for public consumption. I only did the recording once and you can see my eyes darting off to try and read the next point… lol

Full Time Internet Marketer & I have now decided to become a blogger too! Its not because I want to spend a few hours a day working on it, as I like to build Autopilot profits, it is because I feel that I am ready to start sharing my knowledge, so here is what to expect from me:

Firstly – I don’t like to sugar coat things, if something sucks, ill say it sucks

Secondly – and not to contradict the first point, ‘The only stupid question is the one not asked’ – if you have a question, please post it, other members of my new community and myself will answer it for you

That leads to point three:

There is no need for negative comments or flaming, Im not the type to get up tight and delete comments with merits, but dont post something just to be mean, lets all help each other to succeed.

Finally, if you ‘cant do something, you must’ – I didn’t want to make this video as im not comfortable yet on your screen 🙂 – so that is the main reason I made it, instead of writing my introduction, lets push the boundaries together!

Welcome to the community everyone, I hope that I can help you reach your goals

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7 responses to “What To Expect From Me…”

  1. [nich] says:

    hey, I thought the process is from a blogger turning into an internet marketer.
    well, since I always do my internet marketing stuff from a blogging engine, doesn’t it automatically group me in the blogger category?

  2. Chetan says:

    You seem to be a bit frustrated in that video.. if not, that’s just me then.

    Anyways welcome to the blogosphere and hope you have a great time in the blogging world. You would be enjoying here only if you are open with every view of yours, and are honest.

    Good intro video there Colin.

  3. Hi Nich,

    I did have a shot with site like onpulseim.com and http://www.viralking.com but feel that using my own name for branding is better.

    Also, I feel that in order to blog good information, it is important to first walk the walk. So I now do very well online, I have the experience to share with others

  4. Chetan, I wasn’t really frustrated, just new to making videos, so still getting the hang of it all 🙂

  5. Karen Giardunio says:

    Colin -you showed us all that it is in stepping out of our comfort zone that the real magic is made! I opened an account on YouTube and haven’t done anything with it yet… you have given me the reason to do so! I applaud your courage and your honesty!


  6. Karen Giardunio says:

    Colin, one more thing… thanks for telling everyone to play nice… we are here to build each other and that makes all the difference when it comes down to the general overall feeling and vibe of this blog!


  7. Chetan says:

    I too have accounts in most of those like Youtube, metacafe, revver, viddler, but never had done with anything except a single video about me in youtube :p

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