7 Figure Code Review

The 7 Figure Code is a DVD home study course created by Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal. There are 16 (Sixteen!) DVD’s and 2 thick binders with all the transcripts of the DVDs as well as the power point presentation slides. In other words this is a BIG course and not for the faint hearted.

I purchased this when it first came out, as soon as I could get my hands on it, I grabbed it. I know what both Mike and Tom have achieved online and with these process they look set to take it to even the next level and smash their income records of last year. I knew that it contained DVD presentations from other leading experts in their field such as Rich Schefren, Stephen Pierce and many others!

Another thing I knew was that just months earlier people paid $10,000 to attend this event live, here I had the chance to grab the info on DVD’s that I could watch at leisure and implement into my business.

So, was it worth it?

Now, as you can see it is in my ‘Recommended Money Makers’ section so it’s unlikely that I am about to tell you it is not worth it, but it is important to write this section as it might help you decide if it will be worth it for YOU or not. At the end of the day, it can be worth it to 10, 20 or 5,000 people but if you don’t see value in it then you should not make the investment.

Once I got my hands on the DVD’s I watched them (Still haven’t seen the last 2 yet) in sequential order and took notes as I heard something that I found interesting. I then at the end of the DVD re-read my notes and thought, ‘how can I use this information to benefit me and my business?’ I then worked on putting my plan into action.

Honestly, some of the DVD’s I didn’t get a whole lot from in terms of new information because I have been marketing online for 4 years now and spent a lot of time educating myself in this industry. More than that, some of the information is common sense… When you think about it! I still got a lot out of those DVD’s though, because it made me think about it, it made me take action!

That was only the DVD’s I didn’t get a lot out of, now to the other 10! 😉

There were many ‘golden nuggets’ in so many of the DVD’s that information gathered from this course allowed Frank (my partner at Viralurl and also a 7figurecode cheerleader) and I to setup a Six Figure Business! in fact, we passed 6 figures within 2 months of launching the site!

It was the principles from The7FigureCode and from the Butterfly Marking Manuscript (another product I recommend) that enabled us to do so. Without those products I am confident we would not have done 1/2 as well! So what this information means to us, on just 1 website (remember, we have this knowledge and information for life now!) in just 2 months, made us an extra $50,000 in revenue!

Was it worth it for me? Hell Yeah!

Will it be worth it for you?

If you are going to watch every DVD, at least once, (no time limit) write down and take notes as you go and after each DVD read your notes and think about ideas, how can you implement this, how can you sue this new found knowledge, then it could very well be worth more than the $50,000 I estimate these products to have been worth to me.

If the above is what you will do with this course, then it will be a great investment for you to make that I highly recommend!

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  1. Karen Giardunio says:

    Colin, I read your Butterfly Manuscript… and now this post explains even more to the benefit I was asking you to explain to me in my comment post on that blog title… so thanks and if you have anything else to add… I am happy to listen!

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