Using ViralInviter With The Brand New ViralNetworks

ViralInviter is an address book importer script that allows you to invite your contacts from your addressbooks. They offer many different accounts that you can use. Below is a Video I made showing how to use viralinviter on my new site, ViralNetworks

As you can see from the video, viralinviter is very easy to use, but is it reliable for the first time user? There are lots of options that you need to gow through and ensure that you set correctly. With ViralNetworks using the default option, members instantly started using it for spam! This caused our IP to be blocked within only 12 hours of launching. Needless to say, this is NOT a good solution. We have since changed the options to be much more strict, set a limit to number of contact imports, removed the ability to upload CSV files and placed a stern warning not to try and abuse the service.

You see, there will always be a few people that ruin it for the masses, so as such in this example, there will be legitmiate users who want to tell more contacts then they will now be able to thanks to the people that spammed Yahoo forums etc.

Verdict on ViralInviter: 7/10 – It is a good script if you set it up correctly, and definately adds a viral aspect to your site… but be careful with it, or your domain WILL get blacklisted!

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8 responses to “Using ViralInviter With The Brand New ViralNetworks”

  1. Yeah its a good script if you have the time to get it setup right

  2. Does Gravatars work yet?

  3. testing testing testing away

  4. moremoermroemoremore

  5. Karen Giardunio says:

    Wow simple… I like that! I bookmarked this post and will be using it in the future for invites!!


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