Butterfly Marketing Manuscript Review

The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript is a product that was created to educate purchasers on the goings on of membership sites, viral marketing, managing joint ventures, creating buzz, in fact pretty much all the important things you need to know to run your own successful site!

Butterfly Marketing Manuscript even includes case studies of the websites, author, Mike Filsaime owns. The information in this product is really great and well worth the price tag. As I mentioned in my review of The 7 Figure Code home study course, the techniques and information in this ebook played a huge role in the success I have had with my sites and in particular my very public site in the make money online niche, Viralurl.

As you might know Viralurl did over Six figures Income in less than 2 months! Yeah, 6 figures income means more than $100,000 in less than 2 months. That is just from 1 site that we applied the knowledge gained from the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.

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There’s more though! Now that you have made the decision about if you feel it is worth investing a bit in your education there is a sneaky back door way to own the amazing Butterfly Marketing Script (this is NOT the manuscript, this is the membership site software and course that costs $1,497!)

Viralurl membership side is handled by this software that costs $1,497 – BUT… When you Buy the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript you will see an offer straight after, to get your hands on this awesome membership software for only $497 or so. Thats almost a 70% discount!

If you went this route, I of course don’t earn any commissions on that backend sale if you take up the offer. I could always suggest to you to purchase it at $1,497 in which case I would earn $700 in commissions, but rather than do that, I want you to buy the manuscript. It is more affordable for everyone, and those that then want to get their hands on the script can do so at a 3rd of the price!

Will the manuscript work for you? I personally am so glad I got a copy and would have paid 5 times the amount or more for the information I have learned. To get the most out of it you need to take notes, then after each chapter think about how it will help you, how can you translate this information into income?

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7 responses to “Butterfly Marketing Manuscript Review”

  1. This is a good manuscript that has helped a lot – Test comment to see if MyBlogLog images show

  2. Karen Giardunio says:

    Colin, are you having success marketing/promoting the butterfly manuscript? If so could you tell me some ways to show the value of the price tag.. I mean is it scaring people off or is it actually being welcomed? My boyfriend tried to do The Road Map 2 Riches thing… and no one bit… he spent months and over $2000.00 between purchasing it and promoting it and lost out big time. So if you could give me some key points to off set the possible fears others may have relating to the cost -I would love to know what you are saying, emphasizing and and offering in use value that out weighs the price! Any advice for me?

  3. Sure,

    The manuscript is promotable and very good, but its value is in the information and is applicable for all niches, not only Make money online.

    The info can be applied to anything you want to market online, even cat food 🙂

    Also, its FREE right now, and gives you a 30 day trial to Mikes newsletter that you cancel if you dont like it. Simply click on the link in the post, and the go through to the link at the bottom where it says its free, it should take you to: http://www.7figuresecrets.org

  4. retro says:

    wow BBM is great member site, viral marketing, managing joint ventures script i think! but like you said you must know how to handle this script. studi cases your viralurl. wow its a great script colink!!

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