Using Google For Affiliate Marketing

Google is the king of the search engines right now, and a good ranking in Google searches can get you a lot of traffic.  If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, then you need a lot of traffic to build up your initial customer base.  So, how do you leverage the immense reach of Google to help you do that?

The answer is in Web 2.0 sites.

Web 2.0 is a name used to describe the new kinds of websites that have come about in the past few years.  Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, content sharing sites like YouTube and Digg – all of these are Web 2.0 sites.  They  are enormously popular, so they get constantly indexed well by Google and other search engines.

This frequent indexing means that if you submit content to these sites and insert links back to your website, those links will be indexed quickly.

So what’s the strategy?

First thing to do is to prepare a lot of articles about the product you are selling.  You should not use the same article over and over again.  Search engines have duplicate content filters that will block some of them from results.

Once you have these articles, upload them to sites like Associated Content, Ezinearticles, and others like them.  Include a link back to your site in either the content of the article, or in the resource box (some sites have these boxes, some don’t).  Once the article is uploaded, you’ve accomplished two very important things:  you’ve spread word about your product topic on a site that gets lots of traffic every day; and you’ve created a valuable backlink from a website that has a high Page Rank.

Continue to do this (unique content every time) and you will build a lot of traffic for your site.

A Site For Example:

I have a site about Kenneth Cole Shoes and it ranks 4th in Google at time of writing this for the term, Kenneth Cole Shoes. Now that search term gets over 150,000 searches a month and the only sites that beat me out are The main site itself and a very large online shopping site.

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3 responses to “Using Google For Affiliate Marketing”

  1. ED says:

    Great Content Colin, in regards to Google ranking…

    Its also important to have quailty content along with affiliate linking…

    Keep up the great resource and content…

  2. James Mason says:

    Thats one thing I finally learned. Article writing is one of the best ways to get higher rankings and a larger list. I’m just sorry I was a slow learner! Just now getting started.

  3. Kerry says:

    Hey Col,
    Great results re Kenneth Cole!
    Article marketing rules….

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