Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

If you have the ability to write compelling sales copy, but can’t build a website for the life of you, it’s not really a problem, because a website isn’t required to be a successful affiliate marketer.  This is done by utilizing a variety of Web 2.0 sites,  which allows you to build an online presence using the in-place infrastructure of already popular websites.

There are a lot of content websites that are completely dependent upon user submitted content.  Sites like Associated Content and eHow are comprised almost exclusively of articles that are written and submitted by average users.  These sites get a lot of viewers and are usually at the top of many searches, so use that popularity to your advantage.  This isn’t some sort of nefarious scheme, it is an equal trade; the content sites get quality content you produce, and you get free space to promote your product.

Here’s how you can make it work:  write a bunch of articles about the product you are promoting or the about the topic in general.  Make sure that each of these are unique, because if you submit duplicate articles to many different sites, search engines like Google won’t count them and could even penalize them.  And make sure the articles are rich with the keywords related to your product.

These sites will usually allow you to place affiliate links either in the body of the content or in a special resource box on the page.  People searching for those keywords, will come across your articles on these sites (because web 2.0 sites generally achieve very high page ranks) and, if your sales copy is compelling, they will click through your affiliate link and purchase the product.

The amount of success you will have is completely dependent on the quality of your sales copy, but the beauty of this method is that it requires no start-up costs.  You don’t need to register domain names and build websites.  Just write the articles and start making money.

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3 responses to “Affiliate Marketing Without A Website”

  1. Stan Schultz says:

    Thanks for the good suggestion Colin. I have written some articles for Associated Content already. Now I can write more with some better focus. ciao, Stan Ps. thanks for following me on Twitter too.

  2. Grace says:

    Thanks for sharing! Free blog platforms like Blogspot are also very helpful because they provide free templates and your own subdomain. 🙂

  3. ED says:

    Get to know your product, write about, and then send the article to the many ezine-article-sites that will promote your article…

    This will build a great lead resource for you and promote your product..

    Here’s a great source for Articles…

    Happy networking..

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