Tomorrow Work Starts On Design!!

I’m Excited as so far all the income I make online has nothing to do with blogging.

Well, I am now going to start this blog up and to get it going I am getting a $2,500 Design!

Work starts on it tomorrow and I am told it can take up to 3 weeks (I hope to have it in two 😛 )

This means I won’t be posting until it is nice and shiny and ready, but please join my feed for when I power up and start sharing how to make money online.

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8 responses to “Tomorrow Work Starts On Design!!”

  1. Hugo Santos says:

    $2500??? ?holy s***!
    are you crazy? lol

  2. Dr. Teeth says:

    You spent a fortune for the design!
    You could have got it much more cheaper

  3. Chetan says:

    So the present theme you are using had costed you $2500?
    It’s too high. Unique blog designs would have done the same or better for $800 – $1000.

  4. Better is a state of mind, one persons heaven is another persons hell. UBD are nice, and also allow for better monitization, but everyone has a UBD, and also they are very in your face, and while I dont like a minimalist design, I like something in between.

    This blog isnt so much about making income directly from the blog, hence the easier readability, and less monitization options

  5. Chetan says:

    I agree that the readability and everything is cool here, and good to navigate, but i was talking about the price of designing. Don’t you think you overspent with $2500 for this theme?

  6. Karen Giardunio says:

    Colin, can you tell me how i can subscribe to your RSS Feed… I have hit the link … but not sure what to do thereafter… can you explain so we all know… or maybe I am the only one not familiar with the process… could you help me out in that case?


  7. Karen,

    You for sure won’t be alone 🙂 so here is a post I did about it:

    Or you can simply signup to my newsletter and this will send you an email every 2-3 posts i make with a summary and links to the post 🙂

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