Internet Marketing Secrets: Do your Homework!

You need a little extra income. You want to start an online business to work from home in the evenings after your day job. If all goes well, maybe you will be able to make it a full time venture. Toward that goal, you need to know Internet marketing secrets. You have read about people who profess to make 5-10 thousand a month from the comfort of home. How do they do it?! What are their Internet marketing secrets?

Actually, the only real secret is to do your homework. Like any other business venture in the traditional marketplace or online, you need to know what you are getting into, before investing the time and money necessary to get started.

Doing your homework is the biggest internet marketing secret, like for example, golf… If you want to be a good golf player, you need to do your homework on what is required to swing correctly. Once you know this, the next most important part comes in… practice, practice and more practice. You can’t be an expert overnight and understand everything overnight, you need to read up on it and figure it out as you go along. (That is also what this blog is here for, to share methods with you to make your marketing learning curve much smaller, and cheaper!)

First, you need to determine if there is a market for the product or service you want to sell. For example, if your town has 10 Mexican restaurants, chances are you will not want to start yet another. Instead, maybe your town could use some Japanese cuisine. Unless you can setup the best Mexican restaurant, then you can take the ‘traffic’ from your competition.

The same can be said for Internet businesses. If the Web is already saturated with a particular business, and the people offering a similar product or service are struggling, you might want to come up with a better idea.

But, how do you find out if consumers will be interested in your product or service? Based on my own personal experience, do a lot of reading and ask around. Google your business of interest and do some reading. Check out other sites. Also, join some business blogs and ask for advice from people who are already working online. Neither action will cost any money. In the long run, it might save you a few bucks and a little heartache in the process.

Second, see what you need to set up your site. Do you have a Web host? Find the best deal based upon price, support services, and ease of use. Many hosting sites will offer packages with discounts for signing up for longer. In addition, the good sites will provide tutorials and other services to help you build an optimal site for your new business venture. Also, if you can afford the expenditure, many hosts have website designers on staff to help you create the best site to attract consumers.

(I co-founded and run ViralHosts – it is a website provider with a simple point and click SimplePanel, so you can get a great site up in a few clicks!)

Third, you must research what you need to place on your site to make it more user-friendly, while highlighting your product or service. Then, learn what it takes to market your site and bring consumers to your virtual doorstep.

In truth, there are really no Internet marketing secrets, nor are there any real get-rich-quick schemes. Like any other traditional business, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get a new business off the ground. However, the rewards should be well worth the effort, if you do your homework.

I Currently earn six figures a year online, and am learning something new everyday, I hope you are learning something new all the time too!

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