Domain Name Research

Domain name research is of paramount importance when it comes to setting up an online presence, whether it’s a site, blog or squeeze page. That’s why I already published a blog post on how to find a domain name. As I previously mentioned, a good domain name can be a great asset for your online business. However, I noticed that too many tend to forget about domain name keyword research.

I strongly recommend you to use the keywords you want your online presence to rank for in your domain name. A keyword-rich domain name can give you a competitive advantage, helping you rank better in search engines and thus generating additional traffic to your pages. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), domain names can be of great help, along with other on-page and off-page factors of course.

However, remember to avoid dashes and numbers when possible, and choose a common domain name extension like .com, .net or .org. In my previous blog post on how to find a domain name, I recommend a few domain name suggestion tools. However, there’s a major downside: they don’t mention anything about keyword popularity.

You thus need to combine keyword research (with Google Keyword Tool for example) and domain name availability checking (with 1and1 for example, or even NameCheap for bulk search). Not too sure how to proceed? I created a short video on how to effectively research keywords for a domain name. Check it out…

Sign up and Register Domains Through 1and1

I hope you find it useful! In addition to the two registrars I mention in my previous blog post, I would like to tell you about 1and1, which is a great domain name registrar for internet marketers and home business owners. It’s cheap, reliable and has a pretty cool affiliate program. They have great offers so make sure you check them out!

Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

Last week I had the chance to be interviewed by internet business coach and trainer James Holmes for his Internet Business Blueprint podcast. This podcast is dedicated to internet marketers and home business owners in network marketing, affiliate marketing and direct selling so there’s a good chance you’re in the target audience!

The call went very well and I’m glad to be able to share the podcast with you today. James and I discussed several topics including viral marketing and my products ViralUrl, ViralHosts and ViralNetworks, which is about to be relaunched. James is an early user of ViralUrl and I was really glad to have his feedback live.

Listen to the podcast to learn more on my path to internet marketing, what makes viral marketing so appealing and of course how to get the most out of ViralURL. My business partner Frank Bauer was also on the call so make sure you listen to it now or add it to your favorites to listen to it at a later time.

James Holmes Radio
Click to play or
right click to download

The introduction is about 5 minutes long so feel free to go past the 5th minute if you don’t have much time. I strongly recommend you visit James’ website Ask James Holmes for lots of great blog posts on internet marketing and his radio blog James Holmes Radio for more podcasts. If you’d like to learn more on ViralUrl and ViralHosts, feel free to watch the MLM Lead System Pro Webinar Video I posted a few months ago.

How to Find a Good Domain Name

Find Good Domain Name

Are you one of those struggling to find a good domain name? If you are, don’t worry too much… you aren’t alone. I already had several of my customers asking me how to find a good domain name for their site, blog or squeeze page. According to them, most good ones are already taken… which is partly true. Finding a good domain name for your site or whatever the type of online presence you’re planning to have isn’t easy. However, don’t just hurry to register a domain name but rather take the time to think about what you really need or want.

Some will say that a domain name isn’t that important… Well, a good domain name can definitely help your site rank better in search engines but most importantly it can grab your visitors’ attention and stay in their mind. A great domain name can even become one of your greatest assets! Don’t be too over excited though. A great domain name can help you rank better in search engines for example but isn’t necessarily a guarantee of success…

How your domain name should be:

– Short
– Memorable
– Easy to spell
– Easy to type
– Descriptive…

Easy to say but difficult to do… By descriptive I mean including keywords (as in even though this domain name is a little too long), because they can help you rank better in search engines. You should avoid dashes and numbers as much as you can. Web users are now overloaded with information, so it MUST be memorable. Unless you target a specific geographic area, choose a common domain name extension such as .com, .net or .org.

Study the competition, ask around you and maybe use domain name suggestion tools like Domains Bots, Domain Tools or Dot-o-Mator. Once you have an idea of what you need or want, check the availability on a domain name registrar like GoDaddy or NameCheap. You will need to perform a search to check if the domain name you want, with the extension you want, is available or not. Feel free to perform as many searches as you want as they will help you find alternatives.

If you really struggle in choosing a domain name for your online presence, it’s still time to do a brainstorming. Most good domain names are already  taken, that’s right… but with some creativity you can find a great one that will perfectly match your needs. Try to think outside the box but always remember the characteristics of a good domain name.

You can purchase your domain name from a large range of websites but I tend to purchase mine from well established companies like GoDaddy and NameCheap. They are large companies that aren’t going out of business anytime soon… which is definitely a plus. Both GoDaddy and NameCheap provide good support. Now if you need web hosting as well, make sure you check out what makes ViralHosts web hosting so good!

Case Study: Twitter Traffic Experiment

Last week we organized a Twitter experiment to learn more on the traffic sent by Twitter to the blog. At this time of the year, the traffic the blog receives is very low and it was thus the perfect time for us to launch this experiment. We created a blog post and tweeted the link @ColinKlinkert a total 6 times over a period of 48 hours (at different times in order to reach most time zones at day time at least once). We also wanted to study the traffic in terms of conversion: Would visitors take action by commenting the post (as we asked them) and get a chance to win $50? Let’s find out!

Overall traffic (over a week)

– 22 total visits on Thursday
– 38 total visits on Friday
– 35 total visits on Saturday

While the overall traffic to the blog is fairly low at this time of the year, we can notice a slight increase during the time of the experiment. This chart has a limited interest for the experiment but at least we can see if there is a significant traffic increase or not. Now let’s move on to the traffic that interests us the most: the Twitter traffic.

Twitter traffic (over a week)

Here we can see that over the week Twitter generated 41 visits to the blog but only 25 between Thursday and Saturday. During that period of time, the blog post we created for the experiment received 26 visits. This can be considered as fairly low for a Twitter account with a list of over 26,300 followers, don’t you think?

Twitter generated traffic to the blog post but not as much as we could have expected. Even though this experiment is not comprehensive enough to draw solid conclusions, we can suggest a few reasons for which the Twitter traffic hasn’t exploded during the period of the experiment and despite the 26,300+ followers @ColinKlinkert.

First, as suggested by several industry experts and confirmed by research firms, Twitter has a lot of members but most of them are inactive (or not active enough to have an impact on the traffic). Secondly, the way the list of followers was built (with tools to be automatically followed by other users) is probably not the most appropriate list building method in terms of conversion. Thirdly, the way we tweeted the links (with call-to-action and link to the blog post) also played a role in the experiment. It is however difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the calls-to-action.

Out of 26 visits, 4 visitors commented the blog post in time and 2 after the experiment was over. This is a 15 to 23% conversion rate, which isn’t bad but cannot be considered as satisfactory either… Anyhow, the experiment was successful in the way that we were able to study the traffic sent by Twitter to our blog. Have you ever done any similar experiment? If so, please share your own thoughts with us!

Twitter Traffic Experiment 2 – Win $50 Now!

In April last year I organized a Twitter experiment that saw a lucky visitor win $25 cash. This time, I want to go a little further and am ready to give away a total of up to $150! If like me you often wonder how powerful Twitter really is, how much targeted traffic it can send to your site or blog, then take part into this experiment!

Win $50 by simply commenting this post!

To get in, all you need to do is to comment this post answering the following question:

What will make you want to subscribe to my RSS feed
and follow me @ColinKlinkert?

Hints: It could be:
– a type of content you would like to see;
– a topic you would like to learn about, etc.

If we get 50 comments, I give away $50. If we get 100 comments, I give away $100 ($50 each). If we get 200 comments, I give away $150 ($50 each). It is as simple as that. The more comments we get, the more chances you have to win $50 cash! No more questions asked.

We will tweet this post 6 times over the next 48 hours. Like for the previous experiment, Twitter will be the main source of traffic so we can see how many people post a comment and retweet our initial tweets. If you aren’t interested in the cash, you may still participate to help us with this experiment.

You are of course encouraged to retweet my tweets, increasing your chances to win cash.

>>> Click here to retweet <<<

Post a comment now and get a chance to win $50!

The winners will be chosen at the end of the experiment. Please use a real email when commenting, so if you win you will get my reply to your comment on how to get your money! 🙂

Good luck to all of you!

P.S. – Why not subscribe to my mailing list in the top left too… You get a cool free e-book and also updates on future competitions & industry-leading information! You can opt out at any time.

Colin Klinkert
MLSP Webinar Video – Supercharging ViralUrl

MLM Lead System Pro

Last month I shared an MLM Lead System Pro webinar video with you. The main focus of this webinar was on our new web hosting system called ViralHosts, but the guys at MLSP decided to do another webinar about a product of ours. This time they invited Internet Marketing Expert Jim Chao to talk about ViralUrl. Once again, the video call was recorded and is now made available to anyone who wants to watch it:

>>> MLM Lead System Pro Webinar Video <<<

Jim Chao only spends 2 minutes every 3 days on ViralUrl and gets 60 to 80 leads with every single mailing he does. If you want to find out how he does it, make sure you watch this video. It’s only 40 minutes long and is full of great insider tips. It’s definitely worth the watch! Like last time, if you want to download the MP3 file, go to the MLSP archive section (you need to be logged in to access this page).

The videos are also available on ViralNetworks:
MLSP Webinar – ViralUrl & ViralHosts
MLSP Webinar – Supercharging ViralUrl

MLSP Webinar Video – ViralUrl & ViralHosts

About week ago I participated in an MLM Lead System Pro webinar along with my VP of Operations Julien Duc and Top Network Marketer Brian Fanale (co-owner of MLSP). Unfortunately, a few MLSP Members missed out because the webinar was at 6.30pm instead of 9.30pm (Eastern) but the video call was recorded and is now made  available to anyone:

>>> MLM Lead System Pro Webinar Video <<<

If you were unable to make it last week and want to learn more about ViralUrl and ViralHosts, make sure you check out the video. It’s about an hour long but is full of useful information: features and benefits, how to get started, testimonials, questions and answers… We got a couple of very good testimonials that we’re really happy about. If you want to download the MP3 file, head to the MLM Lead System Pro archive section (you need to be logged in to access this page).

I hope you enjoy it!

Update: A new webinar video about ViralUrl is now available. Make sure you check it out! Both videos are also available on ViralNetworks:
MLSP Webinar – ViralUrl & ViralHosts
MLSP Webinar – Supercharging ViralUrl

Colin Klinkert
Viral Marketing Webinar for MLSP Members and Guests

Today I’m glad to announce that I will be participating in this week’s MLM Lead System Pro Webinar. I will be joining top internet marketers Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer and the rest of their team for what I’m sure will be a great occasion for you to learn more about viral marketing as well as how to make the most of ViralUrl and ViralHosts.

$0.10 Per Lead, Host Your WordPress Blogs + Additional Income Stream?

Wednesday, November 11th!

6:30PM Eastern
5:30PM Central
4:30PM Mountain
3:30PM Pacific

Time Converter

I strongly recommend you to attend this webinar. If you can’t make it, don’t worry too much, it’s going to be recorded. If you haven’t heard about MLM Lead System Pro yet (which is very doubtful – this attraction marketing system is a real hit!), make sure you check it out. It’s a must-have! Period.

We’re really glad the guys at MLM Lead System Pro agree with us on the importance of having a site or blog for anyone who wants to make money online. That’s why Frank, Tycho (my business partners) and I have created ViralHosts, an all-in-one web hosting, traffic generation, list building and mailing system. ViralHosts is ideal for internet marketers and alike because it provides them with highly important, tangible requirements to their success.

I hope you can make it! Make sure you register before it sells out!

Update: The webinar video is now available!

9 Reasons to Join ViralHosts

A few days ago we asked some of our most active ViralHosts members why they find the system so valuable. It’s always good to know what actual members think of its strengths and benefits. For those who don’t know what ViralHosts is, we define it as an all-in-one web hosting, traffic generation, list building and mailing system targeted at internet marketers and alike. Here is a compilation of the answers we got:

1 ) ViralHosts is free to join. Even if the real value of the system is in the upgraded memberships, being able to try the system before you purchase is definitely a plus. Even if you miss out on the one-time offer, you can upgrade very easily inside the member area. All memberships are great value.

2 ) ViralHosts provides marketer-friendly, reliable web hosting to anyone who joins. Hosting is a highly important, tangible requirement to anyone’s online success. If you want to be successful on the web, you must have a website. This is non-negotiable! Do you know any internet marketer who hasn’t got a website or a blog?

3 ) The hosting section is based on cPanel, which is one of the most popular hosting panels in the world. The support is great and as an upgraded member you also have access to an auto-installer system for WordPress and lots of other scripts as well as not one but two website builders with more than 900 templates. With ViralHosts, setting up a website or blog is just a matter of minutes!

4 ) By referring other members you not only have the opportunity to make some cash but also build a downline from 5 to 7 levels deep and email it every 5 to 7 days. The money is in the list, they say… Well, here is a great opportunity to build your own list almost on auto-pilot and increase your online income.

5 ) You earn cash when your referrals decide to upgrade. ViralHosts has a high commission structure that allows you to earn recurring commissions and make some extra cash. The system also pays you from 5 to 20 cents per thousand page views on your website or blog and from 5 to 20 cents per thousand from all your referrals.

6 ) If you are an upgraded member, you can email from 3,000 to 6,000 random members every 3 days! That’s 30,000 to 60,000 emails sent per month! Keep in mind that most ViralHosts members are internet marketers and alike so think of all the qualified leads you could have! You can be in profit with only one sale.

7 ) You can generate traffic to your website or blog with the text and banner ads. You simply have to purchase credits and design your ads. There are lots of different ways to generate traffic with ViralHosts… and it’s cheap and super easy! ViralHosts has the potential to become your ultimate traffic generation tool.

8 ) Even if you already have a website or a blog, the web hosting section remains valuable because you can easily get quality backlinks. You know how important inbound links are to search engines. They will help your website or blog rank better in search engines and build a strong, durable online presence.

9 ) The overall value of the system is far worth the price, especially if you get your hands on the one-time offer. For only $197 per year you get quality web hosting, a traffic generation tool, a downline builder and most importantly a system mailer that allows you to send 30,000 emails per month! That’s 53 cents per day, and you can send 360,000 emails in a year (plus all the people in your downline)!

As you can see, and we’re glad to have this feedback from our members, ViralHosts is truly a powerful web service. As an internet marketer, affiliate manager or network marketer, you must be nuts to miss out on this system! If you haven’t joined yet, register now and take full advantages of all the features and benefits.

Can you think of any other strength or benefit?

Social Networks: Google Social Search Goes Live!

Last week Google announced the launch of a new feature that may revolutionize the way we use search engines: it’s called Google Social Search. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced deals with social giants Facebook and Twitter but Google fired back almost immediately. The social search war is on! Google Social Search is developed by Google Labs and is still an experiment at this blog post is published but is quite likely to be part of the search engine landscape in the near future.

Google basically wants to deliver search results using your social circle as a source: with social sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, FriendFeed but also other types of platform like Gmail. They want your social networks to have an influence on your search results. If you join the experiment, when doing a search on Google, relevant search results from your social circle will be displayed at the bottom of the results page.

Google will know who your friends are once you have filled out your Google Profile with links to your social network profile pages. If you’re a Gmail user, Google will also look into your contacts. For now the social search results show up at the bottom of the results page but we can imagine that they will climb up as often your social circle if more relevant to you than the first search results. Would you rather read what Wikipedia says about tourism in the Fiji Islands or read a blogpost a friend of yours recently published about the holidays he spent in the region? What means more to you?

Relevancy seems to be one of the keys to Google’s success, and once again they’re on the way to provide their users with more relevant search results than ever before. For more information on Google Social Search, watch Matt Cutt’s video. Matt Cutt works for the Search Quality team at Google.

Any thoughts on this experiment? Do you think that this feature has the potential to change the way we use search engines?