4 Out of 5 Marketers Are Losing Traffic to Broken Links… Are You?

This is my full, honest review of Digi Link Doctor, a WordPress Plugin by Andy Fletcher.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link CheckerUntil recently, I was using Broken Link Checker to find broken links on my blog, until I found out about Andy Fletcher’s Digi Link Doctor. Digi Link Doctor is a WordPress plugin that not only finds broken links, but also allows you to redirect anyone clicking a broken link or landing on a page that doesn’t exist to the page of your choice.

Imagine someone clicks a link to your site, but this link is broken, or the page doesn’t exist anymore. What happens next? Are you willing to take the risk of losing traffic to broken links? I’m not, and I don’t just want to find broken links, I also want to get them fixed, without me having to do anything! That’s why Digi Link Doctor really caught my attention when it first came out… because this broken link checker does exactly what I want!

Here is how Digi Link Doctor works:

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

As previously mentioned, Digi Link Doctor does not only find broken links, it also repairs them. You can redirect people to your front page, to a specific post or page, to an external page or simply display a 404 page. On my blog I set it up to redirect people to my ‘About Me’ page. So for example if you click this link: I’m a bad link, you will land on my ‘About Me’ page. If tomorrow I decide to redirect people to my front page, I can, in just a few clicks.

Installing and configuring Digi Link Doctor really is a piece of cake. It approximately took me 2-3 minutes to set it up and configure the broken link checker. What I really like about this plugin is how simple it is to get to work… and it works perfectly! Check how the ‘Settings’ section looks like:

Digi Link Doctor Review

Insider Tip – As you can see, you can receive an email as soon as a new broken link is found. I wouldn’t recommend that you tick that option though. When I first set up Digi Link Doctor, I didn’t think it would find so many broken links… I would have ticked that option I would have received hundreds of emails! I however ticked the other option to receive an email once per week with an activity summary. If you think the plugin will find a lot of broken links, I suggest that you do the same.

The ‘Repair’ section shows all the broken links found by the plugin. I still can’t believe how long my list of broken links is… and I’m really glad I set up Digi Link Doctor on my blog. Without it I would be losing traffic every day. Not necessarily a lot of traffic… but over time it adds up! Digi Link Doctor found them, and repaired them for me, on auto-pilot.

Digi Link Doctor

Anyhow, whether you own hundreds of sites, or just one, I highly recommend that you get Digi Link Doctor. Yes, it’s a paid plugin, but it is well worth the money! Not getting traffic is one thing, but losing traffic because of technical reasons is not acceptable! For me, Digi Link Doctor a must-have plugin. Period.

Digi Link Doctor Discount

Andy Fletcher, the creator of Digi Link Doctor, made a Warrior Forum Special Offer (WSO) for early birds but it’s now closed. Luckily for you I know Andy and after ‘harassing’ him on Skype I managed to get a special offer for my subscribers and followers. For example you can get a multi site personal license, which normally costs $97 (which is still great value for money), for ONLY $37! That’s 62% OFF! What are you waiting for? 😉 Click here to take advantage of the discounted prices now…

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Personal Challenge: How I Will Lose Weight & Get Paid

Last week I signed up to Joel Therien’s new membership site: 7 Minute Workout. I know Joel for a little while now and I trust him, so I decided to take on the challenge and write a review of his program. This is an honest review, and the fact that I know Joel did not influence me in the writing of this 7 Minute Workout review.

7 Minute Workout Review

I quickly gained interest in 7 Minute Workout for two reasons: first, let’s be honest… it’s money making opportunity. 7 Minute Workout is an MLM program which means you make an income from people you refer to the program, and from their referrals as well. More details on the affiliate program down this page. However the main reason why I joined is because like a lot people in our industry, I need to work out but I don’t!

After joining 7 Minute Workout, you will be required to fill in your profile. What I really liked about it is that just a few minutes after I uploaded a picture of me (with a cute baby lion), I received a few comments about it. From that moment I knew there was an active community on 7 Minute Workout. The members area is very well structure and it’s quite easy to find your way.

7 Minute Workout

With the screenshot above you can also see the different sections in the members area: Welcome, News, Your Exercise Videos, Your Food, Live Webcasts, Your Progress, Promotional Tools, and Member. Let’s start with the exercise videos. As you can see below, you will be provided with a workout plan based on the answers you gave to the questions in your profile.

Good to know that the plan we’re provided with is adapted to us. If I don’t like this workout plan, I can click the ‘Change Workout’ and get a new one. Then by clicking on the Workout links I get access to the videos showing what to do exactly. I really like the way this is organized, and for people like me who sometimes (often) lack motivation, this is a game changer.

In the next section: Your Food, you get access to a Food Tracker, Recipes, and a Recipe & Menu Builder. In this section you can track your meals, and most importantly improve them. When I first read about the recipes, I was a bit skeptical because I usually don’t have much time to cook myself, but if you’re in the same situation don’t worry too much because there are plenty of 10 to 30 Minutes Recipes.

Joel and business partner Chris also offer live webcasts, which is great if you want to stay up-to-date and interact with them. Past topics include: Motivation and Mentoring with Chris Reid and Joel Therien, ‘Understanding Fitness and Nutrition with Joel Therien and Chris Reid’, ‘Live Support Meetings and General Questions with Melissa Cohoe’…

In the next section: Your Progress, you can check your progress over time, which will tell you if this program is working for you or not. This is actually very detailed. You can track the following: Weight, Thighs, Arms, Waist, Chest, and Pant Size. As you may know I’m taking on a challenge so I will be checking this section closely.

Finally, in the Promotional Tools section you will find plenty of banners and ad copies to help you promote the program. As previously mentioned, 7 Minute Workout is an MLM program so not only will you lose weight, you will also get paid. You will be earning commissions on your direct referrals, but also on their referrals. Find more information inside the members area.

7 Minute Workout Review

To be honest with you… I’m not surprised but I’m quite impressed. I know Joel, and when he told me about his new program, I knew it was going to be a top-notch program. As you may know I decided to take on the challenge myself and I invite you to do so too! I already enrolled my business partner Frank and I’m sure many more will follow!

As for the cost, I think it’s VERY affordable compared to what professionals would normally charge you. You would actually need to hire a personal trainer and a dietitian if you wanted to do everything that’s provided in 7 Minute Workout all by yourself. From experience, I can say that personal trainers and dietitians are quite expensive, but with 7 Minute Workout you don’t need to hire anyone!

4 words for 7 Minute Workout: Great Value For Money

7 Minute Workout is all about results. This is not just another workout program but a program that was designed and built to bring a real change in people’s life. They created tutorial videos for pretty much every section of the site, which is great if you’re not familiar with this kind of program. You will quickly find your way, and there is also an online community: galleries, blogs, polls, forums, groups…

Click Here to Join Now!

7 Minute Workout Bonus

As a bonus for joining 7 Minute Workout under me, I want to share my personal results with you. I really want to make progress, and I also want you to, so I’m going to share my progress with you, so you can see how well I do and maybe this will motivate you. You will be receiving an email after joining with the login details to access that privte section on my blog, so we can share our personal experiences.

Thanks for reading this 7 Minute Workout review! If you have any questions about the program, feel free to ask them below! Make sure you also check the overview video I made below!

Click Here to Join Now!

Overview of 7 Minute Workout

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Review of ‘The Best Spinner’ Article Software

The Best SpinnerHere is my full, honest review of The Best Spinner, an article spinning software by Jonathan Leger. There is also a special The Best Spinner discount if you feel this software is right for you after reading my The Best Spinner review (see the bottom of this article).

As an online business owner or marketer, you how powerful article marketing can be. Not only will it raise awareness about your products and drive direct traffic to your pages, it will also help you build backlinks to ensure your site ranks better in the search engines.

I believe in large scale article submissions. Why restrict yourself to a few article directories and networks when there are hundreds of them? However, for your articles to be seen as quality articles, and for your backlinks to be valuable and get indexed, you need to submit unique, quality content. The fastest and easiest way is to spin the content of your articles, so the articles you submit to the different directories and networks look different (and ideally unique).

The Best Spinner Review

The Best Spinner allows you to spin an unlimited number of articles. What I really like about The Best Spinner is that it pulls content from a huge database of synonyms generated from real people’s synonym suggestions (User Favorites). This is vital because they are normally much more accurate and ‘in context’ then from a dictionary or thesaurus.   You simply have to paste your article in, click a button (select a few settings that are of course saved for next time) and the system automatically adds synonyms to most words in the article.

The Best Spinner Review

The Best Spinner

(Before) Raw Version Your Article

The Best Spinner Review

(After) Spun Version of Your Article

Because I like my articles to be well spun, what I usually get my team to do is to check all the word variations provided by The Best Spinner, remove those that don’t really make sense in the sentence, and add some more of their own. Now nested spinning is supported by The Best Spinner, they also add some sentence variations, which rapidly increase the overall uniqueness rate of the article.

TIP: First rewrite some of the sentences and make them different lengths and meanings… THEN do the ‘user synonyms’ replacement. This makes your article much more unique and varying lengths and structure, which is very important these days.

Once the article is spun, all you need to do is to click another button, and it generates the different versions of the article for you. You can then submit these different versions to article directories and article networks. If the articles networks you use support the same spinning format than The Best Spinner, then you may even submit the spun articles (with the tags: brackets, dividers, etc.). (Read enough? Click here to get your copy at the lowest price you will find, anywhere on the internet)

The Best Spinner Review

(Export) New, Different Versions of Your Article

My team and I have been using The Best Spinner for almost two years now. We’ve tried a few other article spinners but none of them came close to what Jon Leger offers with his software. The best part is that Jon and his team keep improving the software. They recently updated it so it allows nested spinning and made it possible for third-party apps to use The Best Spinner (through API). For example The Best Spinner has been integrated in my site SocialMonkee so users can spin their descriptions with the push of a button.

The Best Spinner Review

For me The Best Spinner is a must-have… period. The Best Spinner really is an appropriate name, and that’s why I always recommend it to people asking me about it. The only downside is that sometimes the online database goes down but this is generally no big deal as it quickly comes back up. This only happened a few times throughout the two years my team and I have been using it.

Update: The Best Spinner v3.x – The good news is… The Best Spinner keeps getting better. Jon Leger keeps releasing new versions every now and then: to add new features, fix bugs… The Best Spinner v3.x includes German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese (both Brazilian and Portuguese) thesauri and also features support for building a custom thesaurus for any language. The Best Spinner is legitimately described it as the best built-in English thesaurus with hundreds of millions of entries by REAL users writing real-world articles.

I plan to use this software for many years to come as nothing beats the synonyms from real life users, which is basically a team of user editors like at Wikipedia, where, with 1 click of a button, you get access to the best spinner top user favorites, ensuring the output is high quality. This software is ever evolving and very flexible allowing you to ‘nested spin’ making each article more unique and have a different structure (vital that they are different word lengths and structure to ensure they are seen as unique from the ever improving search algorithms! So my rating is that if you do SEO or online marketing, ‘the best spinner’ is a must have piece of software:

Overall Rating = 9.5/10!

The Best Spinner Discount

Because The Best Spinner is so good, I got in touch with the owner Jon Leger and managed to get a special deal for the members of my sites, and of course my subscribers and followers. The Best Spinner normally costs $77 per Year. With the deal I got you, you can get it for $47 for a Year! Check this out…

I have two licenses for The Best Spinner and I paid full price for mine, so each year I pay $154 and my brother also has it at full price, as we purchased before I was able to get this discount… You can get it by clicking the image below for only $47! Let me know your thoughts about The Best Spinner in the comments below

The Best Spinner Review – Thanks for reading this review! I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to purchase The Best Spinner now, make sure you get it through my special deal so you get the 40% DISCOUNT! If you have any questions about the software, feel free to ask them below. Jon’s team assured me that this is the cheapest you can get anywhere on the Internet. What are you waiting for? Get it now before the special discount expires!

Important Note: The Best Spinner only works on Windows so if you’re on Mac I suggest that you use SpinRewriter which an online spinner that lets you spin articles from any computer. You can also save your spins online so you can then access them from anywhere. Click here to sign up to Spin Rewriter now… They offer a 5-day free trial so it’s totally risk-free for you. For more information, read our Spin Rewriter review.

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Build Empires of ‘Virtual Real Estate’ With WP Easy Content!

One of the quickest ways to grow your online business is through the intelligent use of automation in several aspects of your business. As an online business owner, chances are you own a few websites, and you know that the more content you have on your websites, the better. SEO professionals find it more and more difficult to rank one-page websites high in the search engines, and that’s why many website owners now build a few extra pages on their website…

Well I want to tell you about a WordPress plugin that will allow you to automate the creation of extra pages on your website… This plugin already helps hundreds of savvy online business owners build empires of ‘Virtual Real Estate’ on auto-pilot! The plugin is called WP Easy Content… I tried it myself and must say I’m quite impressed! (Make sure you check out the special deal I have arranged for you! More information at the bottom of this page…)

With WP Easy Content, you can easily import premium content to your WordPress website or blog. This is 100% white hat, and the content is not considered as duplicate content by the search engines. A blog which magically builds itself with premium quality content on complete auto-pilot… To be honest with you, I was skeptical when I first heard about this, but I gave the plugin a try and wow! I’m impressed. I see results, and not only the pages have been indexed in Google, but they also rank on the first page!

Check out this video demonstration created by another user:

>>> Click Here to Watch The Video Demonstration! <<<
(This video is a must-see!)

WP Easy Content

Please note that the video does not demonstrate the latest enhancements, but I encourage you to watch it, so that you can appreciate how powerful WP Easy Content is. When you finish watching the video, click on the link below the video which will take you to the special offer I have arranged with Oz, the creator of WP Easy Content. Scroll down and click the ‘Download Now’ link to access the offer directly.


WP Easy Content

With WP Easy Content, all you need to do is specify 1 to 4 keywords, and then the plugin will automatically…

– Pull an article from a trusted content source… which means you don’t even have to search for content! (The article wil not be seen as duplicate content!)
– Reoptimize the content by adding the specified keywords to the title, header and footer.
– Generating instant content for your website or blog… and making it easy for Google to find and like your content!

WP Easy Content will help get your content indexed and ranked for your keywords in your niche, thanks to what Oz calls ‘FREEMIUM content’! Check out the test site that he set up: http://framesets.info/. Search for ‘LCD Frame’, ‘Puzzle Frame’ or ‘Calendar Frame’ Google and you will see how powerful this plugin is!

Oz is still working hard on this plugin, and has informed me of other enhancements around the corner. They include: multiple media imports (e.g. videos, news, images etc.), import templates to add even more uniqueness, and advanced auto-backlinking to take link building to a whole new level!

WP Easy Content

I highly recommend that you watch the video, however if you want to go directly to the offer page, make sure you go get the plugin through my special link (so you get the special discount I have arranged for you, more than 50% OFF!). WP Easy Content normally costs $199.99 but through my special link you can get it for $97… but if you act fast (in the next 72 hours) you can get another $20 off and grab it for $77 only, so make sure you act now!! Oz offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so there’s absolutely no risk for you!

Only Available for 72 Hours!

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Splash Plugin: Easily Create Splash Tabs With WordPress!

A few days ago Kevin Lam from Rank Above Others contacted me to tell me about his latest WordPress plugin: Splash Plugin. I gave it a try soon after and decided to write a review. In short, Splash Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily create splash tabs on either sides of your WordPress site or blog. You can of course add content into the tabs, including ads, messages, videos, images, optin forms, polls, announcements…

Splash Plugin can be installed like any other WordPress plugin. If you aren’t familiar with WordPress plugins, don’t worry too much because Kevin shows you what to do in a video tutorial. Once installed and activated, you will see two new sections in your WordPress menu: Left SplashBars and Right SplashBars. As you can imagine, the Left SplashBars menu is to set up a splash tab on the left, and the Right SplashBars menu to set up a splash tab on the right.

Click ‘Add New’, and there you will be able to enter content: text, images, videos, polls, optin forms…Pretty much anything! Then comes the best part, you get to choose how the splash tab will look like. Splash Plugin comes with a variety of templates that you can use. You can even edit them so it really fits your page, and upload your own background image!

Splash Plugin

You also get to choose whether you want to position the tab as absolute (you can’t see it if you scroll down) or fixed (you can see it regardless of where you scroll to). Splash Plugin comes with 42 pre-designed tabs – excluding bonuses – with 7 designs and 3 sizes (for both sides) and 42 PSD files for advanced users.

I added a splash tab example to this site: BenQ Projector. You can see it on the right. Looks cool, right? This is a very basic example, to show you how easy it is to set up, but you can of course add more content including images, videos, optin forms, polls… and make it look a lot better.

If you find out about Splash Plugin now, then you missed out the dime sale, BUT I managed to get a special deal for you! Kevin charges $47 for Splash Plugin, but if you buy it through my affiliate link, you will get a $10 discount, which means that the plugin will only cost you $37! That’s a steal!

Get Splash Plugin NOW!
(For $37 ONLY Instead of $47!)

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SocialMonkee – Your Instant Backlink Builder

Less than a week ago I launched SocialMonkee, an instant link building solution allowing you to easily build 25 uniques backlinks to your pages every day, with the push of a button! SocialMonkee is free to join, and very easy to use, which partly explains why it’s growing very fast! Let me tell you how it all started…

I came up with the idea about two months ago… I wanted a way to get do-follow inbound links to my new pages and sites fast, so that they get indexed in the search engines quickly, but building such a system turned out to be more time-consuming and expensive than I originally thought. I stuck with the idea I had in mind and came up with this solution, which currently has 100 sites in the backend, all on different C-Class IP addresses, and a lot on different A-Class and B-Class IP addresses. Now let’s talk numbers…

To set this up would cost…

105 domains = $1,199 per year
Hosting with 100 C-Class IPs = $5,400 per year
System development = $3,000 one-time
Sites development = $10,000 one-time
Firefox Plugin development = $700 one-time
Maintenance fees = N/A
Copywriting expenses = N/A
Marketing expenses = N/A
TOTAL = $20,299

Still, you can join free… That’s why I need your support to spread the word about SocialMonkee, and get your friends to join, but that’s not the topic of this post! Let’s talk about the system itself: SocialMonkee will help you dramatically increase the number of backlinks to your pages, for better search engine indexing, rankings and traffic! This will give your pages extra online exposure.

If you realise the potential SocialMonkee has, you will quickly want to upgrade your account from Free to Premium. As a Free member, you can submit 1 URL to 25 sites, once every day, free. That’s a total of 175 backlinks every week, 750 every month. As a Premium Member, you can submit 1 URL to 100 sites, three times a day! That’s a total of 2,100 backlinks every week, 9,000 every month to your sites and pages! So if you have a lot of pages (on a blog or site) then Premium is a great option.

Premium members also get link reports and also RSS feeds of each project. This is vital to allow your links to get indexed. There is also an advanced video showing Premium members how to take their RSS feed and ping it to get your links indexed in the search engines.

The best part is… If you want to upgrade, you have two options. The first option consists of paying the ONE-TIME fee of $47. Pretty cheap, isn’t it? This is a one-time payment, meaning as you use the service, it works out cheaper and cheaper. Well, there’s an even cheaper option… The second option consists of referring 12 persons to SocialMonkee to get a FREE Premium Upgrade! Your account will automatically be upgraded to Premium when you reach 12 referrals.

Firefox Plugin

An important aspect of SocialMonkee is that you can submit a URL to the system from Firefox. With this plugin, all you need to do is to click a few times and your URL is submitted to 25 or 100 sites, depending on your membership level. Submitting a URL via the members area takes less than 2 minutes, but with this plugin it takes less than 1 minute!

If you kept reading until here and haven’t joined SocialMonkee yet, I’m wondering what you’re waiting for! Join SocialMonkee now, and build up to 300 backlinks to your pages TODAY! If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to post a comment below, or on our brand new Facebook page! Please ‘Like’ it to help spread the word and support the maintenance of SocialMonkee! Thanks in advance!

Your Instant Backlink Builder

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ViralBookmarking – New Social Bookmarking Exchange Service

Are you looking for social bookmarking tools? Then you’re on the right page! First, let me tell you a short story… As an internet marketer, I have several revenue streams. I have several membership sites, but I also like to create niche sites, where I promote products and services and earn affiliate commissions. I want my sites to rank very well in search engines, not just Top 10 results but Top 3 results. Social bookmarking is of course part of my promotional plan. I tried a few social bookmarking tools, but wasn’t really happy with any of them. I thus decided to create my own! I’m now glad to announce the official release of ViralBookmarking.com, a semi-automated, easy-to-use social bookmarking tool.

Social Bookmarking Tools

As a site owner, social bookmarking is very important for several reasons. First, social bookmarking will help you get your sites and pages indexed by search engines faster. Too many people still wait a few days, if not more, for their sites to get indexed while with social bookmarking they could get indexed in the next hour, if not less. And that’s just for starters…

Then, and most importantly, social bookmarking will help you get your site better search engine rankings. The more people bookmark your pages, the more likely they are to rank well in search engines. However, there’s not much point if you’re the only one to bookmark them… That’s why social bookmarking tools really play a vital role! They will help you get more bookmarks. Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg and Delicious are huge sites crawled by Google and other search engines every single day.

Finally, this will help you get extra direct traffic from the social bookmarking sites themselves. The more people bookmark your pages, the more chances they have to get picked and added to the top of the feed or most popular links section. And that’s of course on top of all the traffic your site will be receiving from search engines!

The main issue with social bookmarking tools is that most of them are fully automated, which means that the bookmarks come from the same social bookmarking accounts, the same IP addresses… Most social bookmarking sites and search engines know about all these tricks, and that’s why I prefer to rely on human-based social bookmarking tools, like ViralBookmarking.com!

This is a story, not a sales pitch, but let me tell you a little more about ViralBookmarking. I spent more than $7,000 in research and development for this social bookmarking tool. What I wanted was an easy-to-use social bookmarking tool to get my sites bookmarked by people all around the world… and that’s what I got!

Social Bookmarking Tools

ViralBookmarking is not like other social bookmarking tools. With ViralBookmarking, you create projects for your sites, allocate a number of credits to be spent and submit it to the system. You can choose several titles, descriptions and tags for all your projects so they are not the exact same. You can either earn credits, or buy credits. To earn credits you can bookmark other people’s webpages. One credit spent equals 30 bookmarks. This means that for every single credit you spend, one person will bookmark your page on 30 different social bookmarking sites.

The alpha version of ViralBookmarking only supported 7 social bookmarking sites. The latest version supports 30, including of course Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Mister Wong, etc. When everything is set up, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to complete a bookmarking session. With one click, you can bookmark a page on 25 social bookmarking site! How awesome is that! I’m really proud of my development team on that one… It’s a real time-saver.

With the Viral Booster for Twitter, you will be able to submit a message (with your link) that other members will tweet to earn a 20% credit bonus. ViralBookmarking also has a referral program. You earn commissions in cash, but also in credits: up to 50% in cash and up to 30% in credits. There is also a range of promotional tools that you can use to promote the site without too much effort.

I have worked very closely with my team for the development and launch of this project, and I really hope you give the system a try because it’s really worth it! I had great feedback so far! My team uses every single day of the week to promote my sites, and I’m very happy about the results! Make sure you check out the video (below)!

>>> Join ViralBookmarking NOW! <<<

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Unique Article Wizard Review

Are you searching for a Unique Article Wizard review? Then you’re on the right page! I purchased this article submitter a little while ago and spent a lot of time before I purchased trying to find a Unique Article Wizard Review as I am a member of other sites like this as well and wanted to see if it was worth adding to my SEO steps…

The links contained in this Unique Article Wizard review are my affiliate links (so I will earn money if you sign up via one of these links), but you should know that I don’t promote products that I don’t personally use & love.

What is an article Submitter?

An article submitter is a software program that allows you to publish articles all over the web very easily. Article submitters often allow you to write and rewrite articles so they are unique and can be published to their network of websites (often including blogs and article directories) more effectively.

We all know how important article marketing is when it comes to link building. There are quite a few different alternatives if you want to get into this technique. You could do everything yourself: write and rewrite the articles and submit them to article directories yourself. While this might give you some good results, this is rather time-consuming and definitely not a long-term strategy. As an internet marketer or home business owner, you should be looking to streamlining everything you can. This is why article submitters have become so popular in our industry.

When I say article submitter in this ‘unique article wizard review’ it does not only relate to article directories. In this case it relates to a blog network, where your links are taken and posted on blogs that are part of the ‘unique article wizard’ network.

Unique Article Wizard Review

My team and I use quite a few article submitters but the one I really want to tell you about today is Unique Article Wizard. Unique Article Wizard, like most other article submitters, can generate hundreds if not thousands of one-way backlinks to your websites. The more backlinks your website has, the better it will rank in search engines. Period. These one way backlinks should also come from unique ‘c class’ ips, which is a story for another post, but what it basically means is that your backlinks need to come from different sites hosted on different IP addresses. Now here is the Unique Article Wizard review:

Unique Article Wizard is different from other article submitters for various reasons. Before going into details, you should know that it is one of the most used submitter sites online. What’s really important with article submitters is to know how they allow you to rewrite articles (is it easy or not? Does it work well enough to make your content unique), and where they submit them (what is their network of websites?).

With Unique Article Wizard, rewriting articles is fairly easily. If you don’t understand why this is important, then you should know that backlinks coming from unique articles have more value than backlinks coming from republished articles.The reason for this is that Google does not index duplicate content, so links coming from sites that are in Google’s index and get pinged or visited by the Google Bot often, are of higher value to you then ones on sites that Google does not even know or care to know about. (Even though there is proof that Google does find these links still, sometimes with a bit of help from you – Backlinking your backlinks, once again, a post for another day).

Unique Article Wizard created several article wizards to help you submit articles the way you prefer. If you have your article and the two rewritten versions prepared, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to submit an article. To rewrite articles on the fly, with seriously 1 click of a button and can turn 1 article into 30 uniques for all your SEO steps, you simple must check out TheBestSpinner… It is a Vital part of my marketing, we use it on every site SEO campaign that we run and it seriously is, like it’s name suggests, TheBestSpinner! Back to…

Unique Article Wizard Review

The real advantage Unique Article Wizard has over its competitors is that the articles are reviewed by humans, and not robots, so if something’s wrong with your article (if one of the versions is too similar to the original version for example), they will let you know so you don’t get any bad surprise. Search engines don’t really like duplicate content. They will not penalize websites having duplicate content on them but they will simply not rank the pages well.

How To Submit an Article

Submitting an article to Unique Article Wizard consists of 5 quick and easy steps:

Step 1, Part 1: Create a Project Name
Step 1, Part 2: Enter the Author’s Name
Step 2, Part 1: Write Your Article
Step 2, Part 2: Create Three Titles
Step 2, Part 3 – Write Multiple Paragraphs
Step 3 – Building Resource Boxes
Step 4, Part 1 – Choose Categories and Keywords
Step 4, Part 2 – Choose Categories
Step 5 – Confirm Submission date
Step 5 – Number of Submissions

Unique Article Wizard Review
Writing Multiple Paragraphs

Unique Article Wizard Review
Reviewing Your Articles

Unique Article Wizard Review
Building Your Resource Boxes

Does this look a little complicated to you? Don’t worry, the Unique Article Wizard team got you covered with 4 different wizards. The first time you use Unique Article Wizard you should use the “Easy Wizard”. Once you get familiar with the process, I would recommend you use the “Easy One Step Wizard”. If you’re confused about anything feel free to leave a comment under this Unique Article Wizard review.

Unique Article Wizard Review

Still not convinced? Here is a shortlist of reasons why you should join Unique Article Wizard today:

1. Article marketing is a very effective link building technique.
2. Unique Article Wizard focuses on ease of use and efficiency.
3. They have a great network of websites to submit the articles to.
4. You can scale it to giant proportions of you use it enough.
5. If you discontinue your membership, the links will remain in the published articles.
6. If you sign up via my affiliate you get a GREAT BONUS!!! (valued at $170)

That’s right, if you sign up to Unique Article Wizard via my affiliate link, I will offer you a one year membership to the new social bookmarking website that I’m about to launch (in a couple of weeks or so). With this website, you will be able to easily create tons of one-way social bookmarking links to your websites.

I will charge $17 per month for a monthly membership on this website, and $170 for a yearly membership. This is an outrageous bonus so only the first 20 people to sign up via my link will get this bonus. To claim the bonus, simply submit a ticket to the Bonus section on my help desk. Please attach your proof of purchase to the ticket.

Unique Article Wizard
Click here to join Unique Article Wizard

Thanks for reading this Unique Article Wizard review until the end! If you join, be sure to claim my bonus above, it will be worth it! If you are looking for other sites like Unique Article Wizard, I would recommend that you check out:

* My Article Network
* SEO Link Vine
* Free Traffic System

With My Article Network and SEO Link Vine, you can fully rewrite articles, unlike with Unique Article Wizard. This is a real advantage that these two article networks have over Unique Article Wizard as it is very important for your content to be unique. Backlinks coming from duplicate content have far less value than backlinks coming from unique content. With Unique Article Wizard, only paragraphs are spun, not sentences (hence less combinations possible).

My team and I use these three article submitters as well as Unique Article Wizard and I wouldn’t recommend them to you if we weren’t getting great results from them. Want to see just one example of a page I promoted with them? Click on the screenshot below to make it larger:

Affiliate WordPress Theme

Affiliate WordPress Theme Post on this Blog

If you think these article submitters are too expensive for you, remember that this is an investment and not an expense, because the articles you submit will generate backlinks to your websites and even if you discontinue your memberships, the links will remain in the published articles.

Any questions or feedback about this Unique Article Wizard Review? Please post them below and I will reply:

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Hot Topic #4 – Choosing a Blog Theme: Squeeze Theme vs Thesis Theme

WordPress is one of the most (if not the most) used blog theme management systems. It’s actually so popular that for a few years now lots of people use it for their sites as well, and not only their blogs. There is now a very large choice of free and paid WordPress themes available on the web. You can find great a free blog theme range: they look great, they seem to perfectly fit your needs… but are they as good as they look? How about search engine-friendliness? How about conversion?

Some of the best looking blog themes are actually not search engine-friendly (enough) and/or have a poor conversion rate… These are very important aspects to take into consideration if you’re in the internet marketing or home business industry. Don’t let your competitors outrank you in search engines because they have a more search engine-friendly blog theme than you. When you get people to visit your site or blog, you also want them to take action: opting in your mailing list, clicking your ads, etc.

This blog post compares two of the most search engine-friendly, high converting WordPress blog themes available on the market at the moment: Squeeze Theme and Thesis Theme. These two themes are used by thousands of internet marketers and home business owners all over the world because they know that they can make a difference. Each blog theme is paid but rather inexpensive if you take into consideration all the benefits of using them.

Blog Theme

Squeeze Theme Review

Blog Theme

Squeeze Theme is a great affiliate WordPress theme for marketers. It is search engine-friendly, and most importantly proven to be highly converting. This is great news if you want to squeeze the email addresses out of your visitors. As an internet marketer or home business owner, this is something you should definitely be doing.

Squeeze Theme is actually one of the highest converting WordPress theme available. It was specifically designed to grab people’s attention and make them take action (most importantly by opting in). If you use WordPress and take online marketing seriously, you should definitely consider purchasing Squeeze Theme (or Affiliate Theme, another theme by the same developers).

Squeeze Theme is very easy to install and has an easy-to-use main options panel. You can change the general settings very easily, change all the colors in just a few clicks… Whether you’re a newbie or a developer, if you try Squeeze Theme, you’re quite likely to fall in love with it! If you struggle customizing your current blog theme, make sure you give it a try. You can change almost anything in just a few clicks, no need to change any code!

Blog Theme

Thesis Theme Review

Blog Theme

Thesis Theme is more for niche sites and blogs. If you plan to have a lot of content, you should definitely consider purchasing this blog theme. It is one of the most (if not the most) search engine-friendly themes available on the market. It’s actually used by thousands of site and blog owners already. You just can’t ignore all the benefits of using this blog theme.

Thesis Theme is very popular in the internet marketing industry because it’s just perfect for content-based sites and blogs… and we all know how important content is for search engines. It is considered by many as the best blog theme on the market. Customizing this blog theme is a little more complex than customizing Squeeze Theme, but overall it’s still pretty easy. You may have to get your hands a little dirty though (by editing a few lines of code).

Thesis Theme was created by DIYthemes. The best news is… they just released a new version: Thesis 1.7. The 1.6 version was already a great, very advanced version but the 1.7 version seems to be even better! They keep improving it, and this is a major upside because only few developers keep significantly improving their blog themes… and let’s not talk about free themes!

Blog Theme

Final words

Squeeze Theme: 9/10
Click here to get Squeeze Theme
Squeeze Theme is ideal if you want to capture your visitors’ email addresses. It’s a very high converting, easy-to-customize blog theme, and as an internet marketer or home business owner with a product to promote, you should definitely consider purchasing it. Ease of use, high conversion… this blog theme is a must-have!

Thesis Theme: 8/10
Click here to get Thesis Theme
As previously mentioned, Thesis Theme is ideal for niche sites and blogs. Many consider it as the best blog theme. It’s search engine-friendly and fairly easy to customize (not as easy as Squeeze Theme though). Thesis Theme will help you set up and run a killer site or blog in no time. It’s a rather minimal design, so your visitors focus on your content… which is actually a great thing!

Whether you’re a beginner or a guru, Squeeze Theme and Thesis Theme are very good, long-term investment that will help you make your sites and blogs work. If you’re on a tight budget, visit the Free Themes Directory or sites like WordPress Themes Base and Top WP Themes. Make a few bucks and invest in one of these proper, premium themes. Get yourself the best blog theme for your needs.

This blog post is part of a series of hot topics for making money online. Stay tuned for more and feel free to share your own experience on blog themes with us!

This was Hot Topic #4. Wondering where the first three are?
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Hot Topic #2: Choosing a Web Host: ViralHosts vs HostGator
Hot Topic #3: Autoresponder Marketing Strategy

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Hot Topic #2 – Choosing a Web Host: ViralHosts vs HostGator

Choosing a web host isn’t as easy as it looks. There are hundreds of web hosting providers on the market but not all of them provide the same services. You have to make sure that the one you choose perfectly fits your hosting and marketing needs. For internet marketers or home business owners, two of them stand out from the crowd: ViralHosts and HostGator. Are you wondering why? Then continue reading for a review of ViralHosts and HostGator.

ViralHosts Review

ViralHosts logo

ViralHosts is free to join, which is great if you want to give the system a try first or just host a squeeze page. However, the free membership comes with a basic version of cPanel and no SQL database slot, so you won’t be able to set up a WordPress blog for example. If you’re on a tight budget, you may join free and upgrade at a later time.

Upgrades are pretty cheap. If you upgrade to Silver ($17 per month), you get Fantastico De Luxe, which is a point-and-click installer that allows you to set up WordPress in just a few seconds, as well as RV Site Builder and SiteReptile Website Builder. If you upgrade to Gold ($197 per year, which is approximately $16.4 per month), you also get access to the system mailer, which allows you to email 3,000 random members every 3 days. This is truly a great advantages if you want to promote your products or other people’s products.

The system mailer is truly great for lead generation. As an internet marketer or home business owner, you should definitely consider upgrading to Gold or Platinum or higher. As a Diamond or Elite member you can email not 3,000 but 6,000 random members every 3 days. This in on top of all the upgraded hosting features you get with these memberships.

ViralHosts is cPanel-based, but it also comes with ‘Simple Panel’, a simplified version of cPanel (still under development at the time this blog post is published) that allows you to set up your hosting in a matter of minutes: adding domain names, creating FTP accounts, installing WordPress… cPanel is rather intuitive and easy to use but if you want to keep things simple, ‘Simple Panel’ is a must-have!

For more information on the hosting and marketing features, please read this blog post: 9 Reasons to Join ViralHosts.

HostGator Review

HostGator logo

HostGator isn’t free to join but you can try the system for only 1 cent if you enter the following coupon code at sign up: “HGC25”. It’s then $9.95 per month for the Baby Plan (which is good enough, as it has all the features you need). HostGator is more mainstream than ViralHosts. It’s a very popular web host among bloggers of all industries.

HostGator is also cPanel-based but doesn’t come with ‘Simple Panel’. However, it has a few other advantages such as the possibility to add an unlimited number of domain names (if you have chosen the Baby Plan or higher), unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. You can also create an unlimited number of subdomain names, FTP accounts and email accounts.

HostGator is very reliable and provides very good customer support. The customer service is very quick to respond, which is a plus if you’re in a rush. HostGator is also labeled as green hosting (they have invested in wind power to offset server emissions).

Final words

ViralHosts: 9/10
Click here to join ViralHosts
ViralHosts is great for internet marketers and home business owners for several reasons. Setting up a WordPress blog only takes a few minutes, and with the system mailer, you can generate hundreds of leads every single month.

HostGator: 8/10
Click here to join HostGator
HostGator is great for the general public, because it’s cheap, reliable and you get unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. You can also add as many domain names as you want (if you have chosen the Baby Plan or higher).

If you’re still undecided, always remember that the decision should be mainly based on your hosting and marketing needs. Choose wisely, but don’t forget that you can then upgrade at any time (at least with these two web hosts). If you decide to go with HostGator, you may still create a free account on ViralHosts to upload a webpage for inbound links to your main site or blog.

This blog post is part of a series of hot topics for making money online. Stay tuned for more and feel free to share your own experience on web hosting with us!

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